Pests: Aphids

by Adrian June. 16, 2009 1532 views

These lovely little critters are enjoying a feed on a rose plant, just beneath a flower bud.

I'd never noticed it before today, but on the stem of the rose bush there are small sticking out bits with red tips on them, if you look closely here you can see a couple. Not sure what their purpose is exactly. I'd also never realised that Aphids always seem to point downwards.

Aphids feed from the sap of a plant, so the place to look for them is new growth; where the plant is relatively soft, and sap will be flowing relatively quickly. If they're on a leaf, they tend to favour the underside.

Symptoms of aphid attack can include sticky “honeydew” and misshapen flowers/leaves.

Luckily aphids are softer than most plants, so a quick rub with your fingers can usually see them off!

Aphids, lovely juicy aphids!

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