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I went for a walk around the local area today, as I tend to do every so often. There's more info about the shots themselves in the picture comments :)

Interesting local history info on St Johns [housesinwoking.com] and Hook Heath [housesinwoking.com].

All shots taken with my ZN5 cameraphone once again.

My nearest graffiti: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”.

Makes me smile every time I see it!

One of the flights of locks on the Basingstoke Canal.

When I was ten or so, I had a teacher at school. She had a very special talent; that of being wrong. Sometimes it was subtle, but sometimes it was spectacular.

The reason I mention it, is that one of her many areas of wrongness were lock gates. Nothing I could say would turn her view, she was absolutely adamant that in a lock [en.wikipedia.org], the two pairs of gates would open in opposite directions. Even after we visited one of the locks, she still continued telling everyone that the two pairs of gates pointed in opposite directions. Thinking about it for more than a second should tell you that if one were built like that, one set of gates would blow open as soon as the water pressure in the lock between the gates increased. Yet, even when standing right next to them she resolutely stuck to her guns.

I never found her strong point. In retrospect I wonder whether it was forgery, I can't see how else she could have qualified as a teacher ;)

Defences from Worldwar two diagonally across the canal from Tuu, there's more info on the wartime impact on the canal in the canal newsletter: !PDF!-here [basingstoke-canal.org.uk], scroll to the Wartime section.

Desaturated a bit and vignetted, somehow the original more colourful version seemed wrong to me.

The Church of St John the Baptist [stjohnswoking.org.uk]. Originally built from a design by Sir George Gilbert Scott, they added the front porch in the 1990's. Personally I think they ruined it when they did so. Then again I can be a bit of an architectural critic ;)

Tuu Restaurant, probably the most interesting architecture in St Johns. It's a two and a half storey Victorian building. No idea exactly when it was built though.

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Adrian 11 years, 8 months ago

Thankyou, I was just showing my corner of the planet today, I'm glad you liked it :D

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