RANT: Mastercard SecureCode/Verified by VISA, broken by default

by Adrian November. 16, 2010 10321 views

Not really a picture per-se, but something that's annoyed me today (and on many other days for that matter).

The “Verified by VISA”/“Mastercard SecureCode” schemes are supposed to add an extra layer of security to online transactions. Unfortunately they don't, all they do is add yet another password to the list of things you have to remember.

This wouldn't be so bad if it were voluntary, but the way my bank have implemented them they aren't. If I want to make a purchase online I *have* to use it.

If it served *any* security benefit, I'd be all for it. Unfortunately it doesn't offer any security benefit at all.

All the information required to reset your password so a scammer can use your card is publically available to *everyone* by default in the UK.

So, what they've actually done is prevent legitimate users from using their cards, whilst not inconveniencing the criminals at all.

Brilliant work guys ;)

P.S. Just to add an extra layer of farce, the email provider I registered the account to marked the enrollment email as spam. Says it all really!

P.P.S. The transaction that prompted this email in the first place was just killed by this stupid system. As usual the handover between the card issuer and the vendor screwed up. I now have no idea whether the payment's been made or not. Grrr!

That says it all really. It's stupid stupid stupid!

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