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even though my handphone bill is paid by company, i think its only fair that i choose the most value-for-money plan..

currently my plan is 奥运88, monthly subscription 88rmb, comes with 320min outgoing talktime, free incoming but no free sms. of coz i still send sms, especially when i cant get the person by phone.. i sms to melvin quite often.. and thats excluding overseas sms which i send when i'm not in office (office can use internet sms, but to singtel customers only).. eh but thats also besides the point coz none of the plans have free overseas sms HAHA

ok, my point is.. i dont think i call that much, 320min.. so i am looking at other plans with free sms and less talktime.. even though each sms costs only 10cents rmb (oh btw overseas sms is 1rmb each, still cheap).. did a comparison with 新音乐套餐&快乐空间.

新音乐套餐 has free incoming, and (from) 380 free sms, but no outgoing talktime.. 快乐空间has (from) 40min outgoing talktime and (from) 300 free sms but no free incoming, though the call charges are lower also.. there are a few price range for the above plans, higher subscription fees more talktime and sms..

after doing an excel spreadsheet and assuming i use 300min outgoing (and 500min for both incoming & outgoing), 200 local sms and 100 overseas sms, the cheapest plan turned out to be the 20rmb 快乐空间 plan..

BUT.. i realised that if my parents (and frens) were to call me from singapore, i would have to pay for the incoming calls! so.. the best plan is still the 19rmb 新音乐套餐 (i omitted the higher price ones cos they have more smses which i do not need)..

shall change it next month.. the good thing about china's mobile phone services is that you can change your plan freely.. maybe its coz i didnt sign contract nor buy any phones.. but the weird thing is they do not send you the bill… you just go to the shop to pay - cant even do it via giro.. and if you wanna find out the charges, you have to call a number..

and next i wanna ramble about my income tax!

yesterday then i found out how to calculate income tax in china.. the formula is
tax = (salary - 2000) * 20% - 375
the first 2000 is non-taxable and for some strange reason, you get another 375 discount..

so, for my XXXXrmb that i take in china, i have to pay..
(XXXX-2000) * 20% - 375 = XXX per month..
which is XXXXrmb per year equals to *gasp* SGD$XXXX!!
(post note: decided to censor away my pay for confidentiality, but u can see tax is 4-digit)

ok maybe u pay that much tax in sg as well but i dont! this is much much more than what i pay in sg! so i emailed HR dept to ask if they can change the proportion and let me take just XXXXrmb and the rest in SGD..

hope can still change!

anyway i do read singapore news via channelnewsasia.com.. i never bothered to read news till i am away from singapore haha!

just had macs for lunch.. da-bao-ed to office since isaac they all also da-bao.. had double cheeseburger.. and sprite.. its really cold to drink cold drink in winter brrr~

isaac asked me and melvin to join him and his wife for dinner.. melvin got programme already (his beijing fren's bday haha.. happening old man).. so i will join them myself.. good to know more people ba, though abit paiseh to join their family~ saw his son just now, so cute!

and i shall end my entry here.. got meeting minutes to write..


just got to know that ah ma is hospitalised )=
she fell down and fractured her bone, need op..

when i am with her, i always make sure i hold on to her tight in case she falls..

but at least she is still alert.. later when they visit her they'll call me.. hope she feels better after hearing my voice.. but i scared i will cry again..

冬枣.. 瑾如 brought for me when i said i never try before! tastes like pear.. haha

my excel spreadsheet for hp price plans, though not very clear.. purposely hao lian the formula, which i learnt in a computational finance module in nus~

didnt have space to upload this photo in the last entry.. there's also xiong who came to send me off~ gan dong!

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Steph 10 years, 8 months ago

muahaha.. i specially chose it to wear! (=

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