happy bday steph!

by Steph March. 25, 2010 1902 views

in the 26 years of my life *still cant believe i am 26 already* this is the first time i spend my birthday overseas.. but i am very happy~ to have so many people wishing me hehe..

of coz, as usual i wanna thank the people who remembered..

those who wished me via msn:
chunli, jac, weixin(bro), coreen, kor, kenneth, ivan

those who wished me via QQ:
雪彬, 流洋

those who wished me via sms (china):
陈华, ann, lukai

those who wished me via sms (sg):
yingming, mummy, ep, yenshan, wu jing, linc, chaozhi, dass, eva, lauren, xinyi, xiong, peijia, linc & linc, bin

those who wished me via email:
chun, grace

those who wished me via facebook:
irene, yenshan, weixin(tsc), meiyen, pamela, 小姐姐, ah saar, danica, edmund, jenny, thelma, weiming, thida, wenling, jason, zhiyuan, yuanheng, zhirong

those who wised me via QQ Zone:

those who wished me in person:
edward, 陈华, 寇颖,郭师傅,树峰,瑾如,thomas, 王冀,茹君姐,刘姐,小周,小刘欣,王梅,张鹏,田师傅,宋姐,小潘,ann, isaac

haha, alot of people hor? my 人缘 is good, no matter where i am muahaha.. thanx to all of u for making me feel so 幸福~

and my nails are so pretty now~ gonna get some beauty sleep.. nitez

had a mini celebration over lunch! hehe.. ordered pizza, melvin treat.. cake is from company.. selected and bought by kou ying~

me and my cake. and the spread of food..

they insist on taking candid shots of me eating cake.. and with the party hat haha

my dearies in office - 陈华,雪彬,瑾如 and 寇颖。

my prezzies~ the cake.. cookies from chen hua, chocolates from 何姐,and a fake present from shanghai.. lol.. it is actually a sample of the external insulation material. wrap until like that, super look like present rite, somemore addressed to me on my birthday… buay tahan.. i thought from who lor…

and i have more presents, another box of dove chocolate and a bear from 王梅 and 刘欣, and a set of 泥人张 from 雪彬, and a “forever friends” lunch box plus a banana-flavoured mask from 寇颖。too lazy to upload the photos now… hehe

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Steph 11 years, 4 months ago

hey gal, sorry for reply.. thanx alot! (= when u coming to visit me? hehe

11 years, 4 months ago Edited
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