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most wow-ed pavilion: germany

yeay, simply love the germans, for shanghai expo 2010 that is.. i think their whole concept is very captivating.. and the story goes, this german guy is dating a prc gal.. the first storey is him writing postcards to the gal, telling her about the nice places he went to and their brief introduction.. coupled with pictures and props of course..

on the 2nd floor is germany's green technology and efforts at recycling etc.. again, there are props to make it lively and interactive hehe.. then we move on to the famous brands created in germany, including this touch-screen cooking game where you can cook potatoes and flip them over.. and serve it on a nice dish~

there's also this x-ray tv screen thingy.. where all the moving “skeletons” will pass, and as they pass you will see on the screen what they actually are, and what is their use.. like ground source heat pump, solar panels etc.. technical stuff.. for technical people like me muahaha..

and finally there's a show/performance where the 2 main characters show up! woohoo.. that one is quite bo liao though haha.. there's this huge disco ball in the middle of the theatre, oh it is a 3-storey circular theatre that is hollow in the middle where the ball hangs.. erm, and we were asked to shout - the ball will incline towards the side with the louder screams -_- haha dumbs.. and there was some technical fault at the last part of the show, so the video was not shown…. )=

nonetheless, still thumbs up for germany!

most time-wasting pavilion: greece

please please please DO NOT visit the greece pavilion… i forgive you that you are going through economic crisis, but there's really no effort at all.. basically it is made up of white walls with projected cctv from their country's museums and science labs.. all you see is people walking past in the museums, and i dont know what they are doing in the labs… and, the video is BLUR…. -_-

i dont know why we spent rmb25 on this dessert made up of glutinous rice and coconut milk.. ok la it tasted not bad but it doesnt seem greek…..

most overhyped pavilion: japan

i really dont know what is the big deal about the japanese pavilion.. after a 2.5-hour queue (again, the estimated time was 3.5 hours), we entered samurai land.. the first exhibit was about some ancient japanese scholar who managed to score well in china's imperial examination and was good friends with li bai… good relationships huh…

then there was some introduction to the japanese culture, which are very much similar to the chinese, like their mid-autumn festival blah blah..

the interactive show was quite good, but basically there were showing off japan's technology.. the very super clear pictures taken with their camera, the futuristic “life wall” that works as a computer, tv, music player and telephone all in one, the robot, the personal vehicle etc etc.. and everything is linked up in this story of saving this species of birds called 朱鹮 in japan, with the help of the chinese of course..

then finally, we get to the performance theatre.. but, disappointing eh… i was looking forward to some japanese performance.. but it was some chinese opera + small girl singing rojak kinda thing.. the opera singers were in half costume only and came out in the vehicle mentioned earlier.. the gal was trying to find the lost bird and took a boat around.. and the boatman started singing chinese opera…. not japanese at all…….

the singapore pavilion:

shall not give any “award” to sg, u judge for urself ba.. every visitor is given a paper fan and at the first station, you could use the fan to ‘hold’ the image of the various streetscape of singapore.. u know our favourite interactive games projected to the floor? same.. just that if you intercept it with the fan you get to see it closer lor.. met a volunteer there, nus archi student.. shiok hor, get to travel and stay there for 2 months..

moving on, there's the trampoline game i mentioned earlier.. it works like this: 2 or more people have to jump on the trampoline together in sync, then there will be music (remember our theme is urban symphony) then our local delicacies will appear one by one on the screen.. the more the better la, but we didnt manage to uncover the biggest plate.. i guess it is hainanese chicken rice, weiming said it could be chilli crab.. *shrugs*

then we went to chop our passports.. u know there's the expo passport right.. we didnt buy.. we chopped on our real passports…. haha.. i thought of it at first but just as a passing thought.. then we saw 2 guys chopping their real ones… so we follow suit lor haha..

as we walk up the ramp, sg's statistics were displayed on the side walls.. really nothing much to show hor.. even things like “number of mobile phone subscribers” also put -_- oh maybe that is to show our technology advancement.. fyi that number is more than our population..

next is an mtv of the theme song for the expo, jointly performed by stef sun, tanya chua, jj lin and ah du.. song is nice, there were osim chairs in the theatre but it was not plugged in -_- met another 2 singaporeans in there..

then finally its the legendary roof garden, with lotsa orchids (i think) haha.. we were advised not to go at night coz it is pitch dark… lalala.. roof garden only mah, st nicks also have… d=

is it all that impressive?

btw we went back to the shop on the 2nd day to see see.. and realised the chop got english version one (we got the chinese one only on the first day), then this auntie said “must request one” haha.. singaporean immediately identified, and she went to chop for us, including the ‘little durian star’ chop.. haha.. 榴莲小星~ they have this badge of little durian star but its for volunteers only )= only selling the collar pin which is…. not as cute.. oh we managed to get the free stickers though, by answering their questions correctly.. haha.. we were like “你问吧,我们是新加坡人” sekali cannot answer, lagi malu… haha but fortunately we could.. simple la, what is our national flower? and what does our pavilion resemble?


ok thats all for now.. need to get back to work.. talk more when i get photos from weiming..

by the way.. i have to work this saturday and sunday for the 端午节 holiday next week… this is their so-called 黄金周.. in order to rest 3 days in a row, you have work on weekends, in a nutshell, it's just re-arrangement of working days.. i counted, the real number of holidays (excluding the weekends of course) is the same as sg, 11 days.. say until like alot.. jian rite?

ok you cant see the queue from here but *gasp* the number of people could easily beat singapore's population lor! ok i am exaggerating but the queue was really long and winding.. we were up at 530am, set off at 630am, arrived at ticket booth at 730am which only opened at 8am.. queued for tickets and then to the next queue for the entrance aka this picture.. AND THEN.. more queueing for the pavilions….

ahem, i dont think u were created in germany lor…. haha

dont know what costume this is, but we love the german pavilion~ worth 3 hours of queue *thumbs up* dont believe their estimated queueing time.. they told us 5 hours but we only queued for 3 hours..

we love singapore more! haha duh.. stupid us, went to queue then we found out that you can enter direct with a singapore passport -_- nothing really impressive inside, but the interactive trampoline game was quite fun haha.. and the number of singaporeans i met at the expo is more than that i met in tianjin, for half a year… -_-

they sell local delights like roti prata, chicken rice and laksa there but they cost like rmb35…. so we didnt buy.. super bo hua la..

and so poor steph is left craving for sg food…

another city conquered~ haha

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