102/365 Hard

by Susan Wilde April. 20, 2019 205 views

Someone is being a little hard on Daniel

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Longchamp Henri 9 months ago

Dramatic enough, I do like this atmosphere.
Just a kind of halo around the roof ....

9 months ago Edited
Bob Rosenberg 9 months ago

Maybe he is simply able to find things with his nose.  My two labs are smelly too.  They can find any tiny bit of food I drop in no time with their eyes closed and in total darkness.

9 months ago Edited
Russell Smith 9 months ago

hmmmm funny or fumy o,0 that is the question of the day. It is an intersting location and I wonder what he did to get thrown under or run over by the bus.

9 months ago Edited
Susan Wilde Replied to Russell Smith 9 months ago

lol who knows. The place was obviously abandoned and trashed. I did kind of feel sorry for him though for someone to advertise it to the world.

9 months ago Edited
Sherry Hill 9 months ago

of all the interesting or cool things you could write if your canvas was a house.. to throw poor Daniel under the bus for to be smelly for all eternity.. ha! love it!

9 months ago Edited
Susan Wilde Replied to Sherry Hill 9 months ago

All eternity, lol, I love that one.

9 months ago Edited
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