Day 27

by Suzi M September. 20, 2016 163 views
Little girl running around a display of 3,000 flags

She doesn't get it....yet.

As she ran around this display of 3,000 flags, she obviously didn't understand the gravity of why we were there.  I'm not sure I ever want her to know what happened.  

Taken at the Sandy City Hall Healing Field 2016

From Elder Jairo Mazzagardi of the Seventy..."The Sacred Place of Resoration".  "In October 1984, I attended general conference as a counselor in a stake presidency.  After, I went to Palmyra, New York, eager to find the answer.  Arriving there, I tried to understand: Why did the Restoration have to be here, and why such a spiritual uproar? Where did all the people mentioned in Joseph's account come from?  Why there?  At that time, the most reasonable answer to me was because the U.S. Consitution guaranteed freedom."

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