Day 34

by Suzi M September. 20, 2016 320 views

In Love With "Livie"

In 6th grade I was obsessed with rainbows.  I had rainbow wallpaper, sheets, pillowcases, a bedspread, shirts, flip flops, pencils, erasers, etc.  You name it, I had it in rainbow print.  I got this sheet off ebay and had my friend Melissa make dresses for Ellie and Vivie.  It is exactly what my sheets looked like.  Vivie also has one but cried the whole time we were taking pictures.  Looking at my darling girl in this amazing dress makes me so happy.  Still to this day, I see rainbows and my heart skips a beat.  

 Melissa also custom made this doll for Ellie.  She got to pick out the hair, eyes, bows, and clothes of the doll.  Ellie named her "Livie".  

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