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Here comes the season of cherry blossoms in Japan. It is only once a year, and it lasts only a week or so. You've got to see it with your eyes. It is definitely…

there are so many kinds of cherry blossoms! some of them don't look like it, but it is cherry blossoms ;)

Hanami season has just started. We, Japanese people love this. We see this every year, and never tired of it. This is one of the good thing to live in Japan.

all of the the cherry flowers were gone with the wind and rain… petals were on the ground everywhere :)

We had really cold days for a while…. but finally it's gone! ( I hope) Today was really nice, warm day. Can you see it from my pics? :)

the last pic is ORIGAMI of a heart with wing for Valentine's Day. I made this today. Do you like to make some ORIGAMI?
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