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by Shweta Mishra September. 30, 2017 1115 views

In a country like India, all women are obliged by the state, religion, pop culture and whatnot.

Women cannot choose choices.

People (mostly in rural, remote areas of India) still don't believe in sending their girls to school. Some of them don't believe in getting their daughters educated... probably because she would learn and grow and give competition to 'men' which is again, unacceptable in this 'patriarchal society'.

The idea of an 'Ideal Woman' is quite simple.

(A modern family with a backward thinking..)

Women are allowed to work but are supposed to handle the household too, because if not, she isn't considered an 'Ideal Indian women'.

Every time she has stood up to question the society—she has been told to shut. This is how the 'male dominating society' works and has been working since centuries.

The 'pardah' or 'purdah' system still exists, mostly in rural parts of India. She is been told to stay within the 'boundary', behind the curtains, inside the room. Seclude yourself from public observation. Why? Because showing your skin, showing that you exist is a sin? and that will make you less than ideal..

An inch of skin, that can be seen between my top and jeans..grabs the attention of people around me. They call me a 'slut'. But the six inches gap between my blouse and saree is ignored. And wearing a saree makes me an 'ideal woman'.

Abuse your wife as much as you can and treat them as toys. Bardaash karo. Because if you don't, you aren't an Ideal Bahu.

"Khoob ladi mardaani, woh toh Jhansi waali rani thi", we have always been taught to fight like a 'man' and to sit like a 'woman'.

Taking examples of the Indian Television Commercials: we have always seen the man working hard and earning money, riding the bike, buying insurance. On the other hand, women in Maggie, Surf Excel (detergents) advertisements.

I remember visiting my aunt's place in Lucknow, where all the ladies in the house were smiling and laughing, imagining and discussing how an 'ideal' bahu for their sons would be; 'Tall and thin, fair skinned with long hair' and of course, one who fulfills their wish by giving them a baby boy.

Sadly, this is an image of an ideal 'bride'.

A country can only develop when we put a stop to such social/religious practices. That alone will ensure real respect for women. When women are progressing in every field, it is our duty to discontinue such practices. Only then, we can dream of a better world.

We expect a better society;

Tell your sons to respect women. Tell them that it's okay to wear pink and to wear skirts and to play with barbies. Tell them they can dance, gracefully. Tell them that it's okay to cry. And crying doesn't make them look weak. And that crying doesn't make them a 'woman'.
Tell your daughters to ride those heavy bikes and tell them to pay their own bills. Tell them to 'walk and fight' like a 'girl'. Tell them that they can be a rapper or a drummer! Tell them that it won't make them less ideal.

Tell them.

Go, tell them.

Merging; bold and beautiful

Merging; bold and beautiful

Look me in the eye

Look me in the eye

Laying peacefully

Laying peacefully



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Rahul Patel 2 years, 1 month ago

#1 Agreed !!!...painfully every word is morally legit in what you have depicted of the current feminine situation.
But as your blog comes to the climax;right after" we need a better society",the world starts seeming so much better,safer,arranged,serene and blissful place.
Thank you for giving a needed direction to the society.we should keep doing all the Do's you have stated at the blog's end and Idealism for women will come like "fight like a woman and then rest like 'em before a fight ".

2 years, 1 month ago Edited
Shweta Mishra Replied to Rahul Patel 2 years, 1 month ago

Absolutely. Rahul, people will come out of their cocoons and talk and discuss openly about the struggles men and women face in the society. About sexuality, gender and race and class and the list goes on...dreaming and hoping for that day. We know is not that far ...

2 years, 1 month ago Edited
Ram Ya 2 years, 1 month ago

Thank you for sharing and speaking against what is unjust.
I was listening to Warren Buffet one day and he put it this way. When women are not contributing to the economy, the society is only at 50% of its economic capacity. 

Count me in as a follower to spread your posts.

2 years, 1 month ago Edited
Shweta Mishra Replied to Ram Ya 2 years, 1 month ago

Agreed. And I'm glad that people are connecting with what has been written here. 
Thank you very much, Sir! :)

2 years, 1 month ago Edited
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