SIKKIM (2017)

by Shweta Mishra July. 25, 2018 253 views

Coming from the plains..the mountains gave us a warm welcome. The journey has been wonderful..from Delhi to New Jalpaiguri and then to Namchi in South Sikkim.

Here, people are very hard working. We passed through beautiful houses. I was impressed by how people were actively involved in organic farming. Each house had their mini garden..houses decorated with flowers of different varieties. There were narrow lanes and roads and houses in between.

60 cadets from Delhi Directorate, six days of vigorous trekking and each trek was different from the other. A big shout out to Sub Puniya Sir and our two beautiful ANO's- Priyanka Ma'am and Darrel Ma'am for always pushing us.

This trekking camp has taught me a lot of things. Patience and not giving up (the two main). Also, I think this camp was very different, my bond with my people grew stronger..made a few friends from other directorates too. To the best ten days. Taking back tons of memories. :")


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