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Being A - Political?

Horrified to see unwanted rage and hatred spread on social media. But some are living in their own bubble, aren't they?

Tell me, how can you turn your face, pay no heed to issues when you, yourself are a part of 'this' society?

Here, bursting your bubble;

Every 15 minutes a girl child in India is sexually abused, little boys and girls are held captive, tortured, trafficked and raped.

In this 21st century, women are still struggling for equality.

I live in a city where all i can see is thick smog covering the skies, air quality has mostly remained in 'poor category'. And now, my city makes it to the list of 'most polluted cities in the world'.

Glaciers are melting, rivers are drying up, the ozone is depleting but the govt still doesn't believe in climate change.

hierarchical construction- - hierarchies within hierarchy still remains a question.

People are beaten to death for eating 'beef' (Also known as mob-lynching)

The cow or the 'gau' is considered the 'holy' animal in many texts and scripts in the Hindu religion. Worshiping, performing rituals is considered religious. Hence, cow slaughtering is considered a sin by the Hindu Nationalists.
I don't see a problem if people are opting to eat 'beef' and call it a 'delicacy'.
Opinions, ideologies can differ. Well it can offend you but it doesn't mean you go around carrying a gun in your pocket..killing people. Anyone and everyone has the right to eat, travel, drink etc unless it is banned by the law makers.
Side note; India was one the largest exporter of 'beef' in the world in 2016.

They say India is a 'secular' country —

Do we understand what it means?

"Secularism means the state does not officially 'promote' a particular religion as the state religion. The Constitution of India states that no person/community should 'dominate' another person/community".

Disparities between Muslims and Hindus.

Hindus and Dalits.

Muslims and Sikhs.

Why is the Government favoring one particular religion/caste/community?

Let's not forget the Gujarat riots of 2000. The inter communal violence in which 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed (official).

J-K—a state called the 'state of conflicts' due to the 'internal disturbances' that has been going on for years..dozens of civilians and soldiers are killed every year..when do they get justice?

Endless attempts to resolve the unresolved.


You on the other hand living in your own bubble, taking no stand and having no opinion(s)? *Slow claps*

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