Tuesday, October 9

by Shweta Mishra October. 09, 2018 287 views

One of the most infuriating things you can hear from people is— ''MOVE ON, you need to let it go, don't always take it to your heart'.

Sometimes you're too helpless & can't help but force your thoughts on someone.

People are weird. They're uncertain. Unpredictable. You. Me. All of us. I have come to this realization that only a handful of people will understand 'you' & now I believe, the smaller the circle the better it is.

Days become monotonous. You know when you lead a monotonous life, you ought to have anxiety. I checked and re-researched about my 'kind of anxiety'.

Most of the time I think, I may spring this up on other people and that might affect them too. I have been crying too much lately, don't know if that's good..but I got to do what makes my heart lighter..

I don't think the brain is ever going to put a full stop to these thoughts. So, for now, I'm going to turn off the taps of my eyes.

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