My first Milky Way

by Julie Domingo September. 28, 2016 2161 views

I'm currently thriving in this city where Milky Way is impossible...

Well, hopefully that can magically change though. *wink

Imagine my joy and happiness when I first saw it!

This may sound cliche and stuff....but truly it was a magical experience for me...

Like watching a beautiful canvass of galaxy far far away...

Starry starry night...dreamy night even!

And tonight is just a good night to remember an otherworldly night which happened somewhere in New Zealand's South Island.

My first Milky Way experience

Looking up more to this.

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Dirk K 3 years ago

Spectacular! Absolutely love it.

3 years ago Edited
Maret Celis-De Raad 3 years ago

Great pics! Thanks.

3 years ago Edited
Azharul Shah 3 years ago

Good Luck

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Moira 3 years ago

Wonderful and magical captures.

3 years ago Edited
Mialeena Nguyen 3 years ago

So jealous! I've been wanting to find a milky way to do a shoot but don't know how to go about it or capture it properly!

3 years ago Edited
Julie Domingo Replied to Mialeena Nguyen 3 years ago

Oh thought when u click the pic, u'll have the option to see my setting :).
Below are my setting for pic#2. You can start with it and adjust based on your liking. be sure to have a tripod along, or can just lay the camera in any flat surface, worked with pic2 hehe :)

Exposure: 25sec at f/2.8
Focal Length: 28mm
ISO: 2500

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Jay Boggess 3 years ago

WOW! Great job!
What a treat for you & us!!!

3 years ago Edited
Glo B 3 years ago

incredibly beautiful!

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Ram Ya 3 years ago

Wow! Amazing capture, Julie.
I am yet to take one. How did you locate it exactly?

3 years ago Edited
Julie Domingo Replied to Ram Ya 3 years ago

Thanks Ram!!! Excited to see your captures!!!
Ahmmm we didn't use any locator though i heard there's a site for that 😬. We just got blessed during our night road trips while driving around NZ's South Island, mostly in outskirts around 8pm'ish onwards. We've seen the milky way for like 4x just doing that 😊

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Antonio Gil 3 years ago

I had two visions like these in my last visit to Krygyzstan when I was 3600 m high on the mountains and it was amazing. Great picture

3 years ago Edited
Julie Domingo Replied to Antonio Gil 3 years ago

thanks sir! glad didn't have to hike. :)

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