A good rest.

by Julie Domingo October. 03, 2016 908 views

Found myself envious of this guys having a good rest on that hot afternoon.

Ain't it wonderful when you have the luxury of taking a rest, a good nap... whenever you wanted too. 

He found a good spot for a good rest.

He has his own customised shade.

Just watching them made me realise how we should treasure moments when we are less occupied. For that maybe taken away anytime and we'll miss such days, oh good days too. *wink *wink 

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Tomie Poodle 5 years ago

Lovely guy...So i leave you for a rest, sorry ! :)

5 years ago Edited
Jay Boggess 5 years ago

Good advice & lovely images!

5 years ago Edited
Antonio Gil 5 years ago

Love the detail of the fur.

5 years ago Edited
Julie Domingo Replied to Antonio Gil 5 years ago

yeay! thanks Sir! :)

5 years ago Edited
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