The Beauty of an Alpine Lake

by Julie Domingo October. 19, 2016 1323 views

I see an Alpine Lake

That day...

Driving towards Queenstown after our winter adventure in Mount Cook Aoraki, we passed by Lake Pukaki... And who would not stop whenever there's a look-out to enjoy and absorb more of this Alpine sighting! A lake as blue as the sky, actually bluer than blue and that alpine colour is surreal. 

Definitely one of the best road trip route ever, look at that long stretch of Alpine Lake with the clear blue sky too. Ahhhhh! Take me back, take me back!!! Me shouting, like right now! lols!

Always soothing looking back to a beautiful day through now an old photograph... I can still remember how it felt standing right in there, fascinated by the vastness and blueness, the beauty of mother nature. Ahhhh!  And following that road that leads to dunno where just triggers something in me... Which I cannot clearly explain just yet. Lols! Whatever! 

For all the Lake lovers out there. 

The world is simply so wide, and so many beautiful places and wonders to see... Now wondering how great it would be to be just travelling exploring connecting with the world and humanity... discovering more of life.... Instead of doing a Monday to Friday kind of job bounded by walls and cubicles. A travelling job maybe! IF that would just pop-up, how awesome that would be!   

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Daris Pro 3 years ago

My eyes get hurts because those photos are amazing. Love it.

3 years ago Edited
Julie Domingo Replied to Daris Pro 3 years ago

thank you so much @Dario for the appreciation:)

3 years ago Edited
Yokai - 3 years ago

Fantastic landscapes and beautiful pictures !! I like leading lines in #1.

3 years ago Edited
Jay Boggess 3 years ago

Beautiful post! I love New Zealand! I plan to go in 2017, to stay for a couple of months!
It will be my 5th trip down that way! I can relate to your enthusiastic love of this wonderful country!

3 years ago Edited
Antonio Gil 3 years ago

Love the way the road intercepts the lake in first one. So beautiful.

3 years ago Edited
Gillian Parsons 3 years ago

Yes whatever the time of life it always inspires me to find a new challenge, my husband and I believe whilst we can we will continue to find new horizons aged 67 and 69 you don't have time to wage, love these captures beautiful place.

3 years ago Edited