Assignment 3 environmental portrait " French Fries seller outside BUKC"

by Syedadnanhaider Shah October. 30, 2016 424 views

"French Fries seller" French Fry History ! The French Fry was invited in Belgium in the late 1700s. In Belgium they first started frying fish, but when it got too cold out, they started frying slices of potato instead! French fries are called “frietkots” or “fritures” in Belgium.

French fries are certainly not healthy for you, but they ARE delicious!

French Fries are high in fat as they are deep fried. Your risk of becoming overweight is increased when you consume these high-fat foods. They are particularly rich in trans fats and saturated fats.

Potatoes are rich in kukoamines, the molecule that lowers the blood pressure. Your blood pressure can be lowered by eating French Fries everyday

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