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Who Am I? You really want to know? I am the man who walks alone, and the lord and master of the sword, who falls like a hammer from the sky. When my hammer drops, mankind will fall, something wicked will come. When I fell down, there is only one thing to do...that is dream away cause everything is alright... It sounds good to me! And you know what? For me, heaven can wait, ‘till another day. Why? ‘Cause hand of faith is moving and the finger points to me! There is too many man, too many people, making to many problems… Hey stooped, what you’re trying to do? Damn... once again, the motherfuckers are in my head, trying to make me someone else instead. For god’s sake! I want out! I want out, to live my life and to be free! And from what I knew before, that is a thing worth fighting for! So I’ll play another role, try to loose control, because I am saint, I signed my life away, doesn't matter what you think I’m gonna do it any way! So C'mon, now take the chance, that's right…Let's dance! How about toxic waltz? After all, everybody's doing the toxic waltz, and good, friendly, violent fun is good for all! Your time has ran out, cause I’ve added your name, to my blacklist! Sometimes I meet women, who fell from the sky, like a devil in disguise, and strangers, although, both of them are only there to do me harm. And what I do then? I close my eyes and forget my name, I step outside myself and let my thoughts drain… as I go insane! After all, can’t stay sober all day long! Finally, to all the world, to all my friends, I love you so, but I must leave and lay… lay in my grave, on my chemical wedding day…

Pictures , which will appear here, will not always be taken by me. In fact they will rarely be mine. But still, this will be pictures with meaning, with second bottom to look into. This will be pictures which will show something important for me…


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