Aggtelek-Josvafö, Baradla cave, Retek-ag

by Szeleta September. 14, 2008 4046 views

Baradla Barlang is the largest cave of Hungary. It has three entrances: the natural entrance near Aggtelek and two artificial entrances. One artificial entrance is near Jósvafõ and the other one between Aggtelek and Jósvafõ, near Vörös-tó (Red Lake).
The Aggtelek branch of the cave shows the Concert Hall. This huge chamber is used for concerts for many years. This part of the cave offers speleothems in extraordinary colours, blackish stalactites protruding from a red and green coloured ceiling.
The Jósvafõ branch has the Giant's Hall. This chamber is used for a musical experience during the tour.
But the highlight is the through trip from one show cave to the others. Mainly a huge tunnel with few side passages, this tour is intended for the abvebturous tourist. The tour is 7km long, but very easy, no crawls, no narrow parts, no climbing. Just wear wellingtongs because of the cave loam. The long tour includes even a picknick half way, bring a sandwich, picknick tables are provided. Before reaching the concrete trail on the other side, the boots are washed, otherwise the trips would bring dirt on the paths.
The cave extends across the political boundary to the Slovak Republic, about 5.000m of this system lies beneath Slovakian territory. A part of the same cave system is a third show cave, under the name Jaskyna Domica on the other side of the border. This traverse is today, after the end of the cold war, not a problem any more. The remnants of the metal gates which once formed an underground border line are visible but defunct. The tour is impressive, but following stream passages, climbing through gours and dolly tubs, is strenuous and includes getting wet. This tours is possible after appointment, but it requires the physical ability and appropriate gear like wellingtons, caver's overall, helmet, water proof lamps, and gloves.

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