By the stream

by Aparna G Agnihotri April. 17, 2009 1373 views

Stream at Hondagashi, in Siddapura; it confluences with another stream at Aane Gundi couple of kilometers away, proceeds further to be called the river Aganashini and pours into the Arabian sea close to Kumta. Uttara kannada district Karnataka.
When the monsoons are generous people use suspension bridges to get across to the other side.

Jeerige Appae in bloom by the stream side.
The Jeerige Appae a distinct variety of elongated mango is a child of nature. The distinction is marked by the acrid aroma blended with nutty cumin like fragrance.
Many forest varieties of mangoes are endemic to the mountain stream banks of the western ghats in Karnataka.

The little blue kingfisher, locally called minchulli.
At Hondagashi, Siddapur, UK, Karnataka

Hegdesara Kere, a natural water body formed by a strong network of underground water channels. Siddapura Karnataka
This was one of the most serene places I've visited.
At my first visit I also got to discover, see one of the water channels charging this water reserve.

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Awesome Green 11 years, 5 months ago

Very good kingfisher pic............

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Ittakesallsorts 12 years ago

wonderful - thanks for the tour ;-)

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