KRS Mandya Dam

by Aparna G Agnihotri December. 13, 2009 2374 views

We visited the KRS (Krishna Raja Sagara) Dam last weekend (12th) with our friends. The east side of the dam is a beautiful garden with lots of colour fountains and a musical fountain square.
The dam is built across the river Cavery in the plain lands of Mandya district. It is more popularly tagged with Mysore district.
I visited this location after 17 years and yes many things have changed….. the entry point to begin with…
we walked on the dam and entered the gardens below… now one enters the gardens directly from the eastern end… this was after and extrimist group thretened to blow up the dam some 10 years ago….. missed the view of the sea like damned waters….. but it was still ok because I am not for dams..

I liked the effect caused when the camera shook

This was at dusk. The illumination had just begun!
The height on the eastern side is atleast 125 feet and is over 2 kilometers.

This was on the southern side near the musica fountain square……. crimson red pink water dust made is look very beautiful!!

This was from the southern side … all illuninated till the northern end!!

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Marsha 11 years, 4 months ago

What an amazing place.....must have been great to visit and photograph!

11 years, 4 months ago Edited