Football Szn '18

by Tahlia Hendricks November. 16, 2018 113 views
2018 Team

2018 Team

This football season was a rollercoaster of emotions for a number of reasons. I am a varsity football manager, ​​​it is my brother's senior year as well as a number of other great guys who I've grown very close to over the course of the season and school year. So like any other season, it started out with optimism and die-hard determination, for these boys, it is either the very beginning of their football high school career or the very end. For the seniors, they had a fire burning in them to go out there and win and that is what they did. they won every game in their regular season, All their nonconference games but once we made it into the preliminary rounds of state things got tough, emotional and well....heartbreaking. we lost for the first time all season to Annandale, the first two quarters of the game were not looking good for us but the boys were still hopeful. and not just them everyone was hoping and praying that this would not be the end of our season. However, every prayer and wholehearted hope wasn't enough to help them pull through. it wasn't easy being a respectful mustang fan that day because there was nothing I wanted to do more than to go on that field and start knocking heads, yelling at the referees, and screaming at players to get it together. but alas that isn't something that would have gone over very well with the head coach and athletic director. So instead I along with every other member of the team continued riding this emotional rollercoaster. For me it started in the pre-game and 1st quarter with excitement, hopefulness and by 2nd quarter it had turned to anxiety, and mild irritation, by half-time I was a boiling pot of rage just simmering and waiting to boil over, but when 3rd quarter and the first half of 4th quarter I was full of malicious rage I wanted nothing more than to win because I knew how much it meant to those boys,but with the first half of the 4th quarter done and over with emotions on the sidelines were everywhere coaches yelling at boys, boys crying, and rage. So much rage. By the time the end of 4th quarter came around it was finally beginning to dawn on us that we would not be winning this game. The clock ran down and we lined up to shake hands, in the emotional state I was in I couldn't even comprehend the idea of having to look in the face of every boy on the Annandale team and tell them "good Game,and good luck" so to keep my self in check I opted to not say a single word. Somehow I was keeping it together while the boys were falling apart, the medals and trophies are awarded, and we are left to lick our wounds and comfort our wounded whilst listening to the other team enjoy the victory we wanted so badly. We line up and assemble a hug line to say goodbye to our seniors. And let me tell you there is nothing on this planet more sad or disheartening than 80 sobbing boys. But I was still holding it together because I'm just a manager right I shouldn't cry, why would I? but once I got into that hug line and I saw the mothers of all these senior players taking down there players flags for the very last time....something inside me just...broke. all of the sudden I was sobbing with such heavy emotion it was almost comical. but the boys understood, they knew I cared about the success of the team just as much as they did. so standing there on that field heartbroken surrounded by crying boys, moms, and us student managers I realized just how hard I fell for football. and I'm not just in love with the idea of 80 boys getting together on a field and playing under the lights I'm in love with every single aspect of it, the practices, the team meals,the sense of purpose,the feeling of being apart of something so much bigger than one person,and the dynamic,just being apart of that. the only aspect that is hard is having to watch seniors say goodbye to their team, their football family, and for some the sport forever. but it is all apart of being apart of that dynamic, that family feel, the coaches, managers, fans, moms just every single thing about being apart of a unit that has a bigger goal. then say in track and field when your alone running your race, or jumping your jumps it's a different kind of feeling. So this, this is why football under those lights, on that sideline cheering for those boys that is exactly where I want to be every fall, because I one of the varsity managers of the Mora Mustangs fell completely and utterly in love with that sport. and I didn't have to play on the field to be a part of that, just being there feeling what they are feeling, being where they are, all just made me fall harder for it. so thank you Mustangs for helping me find something that makes me feel so much emotion good and bad. The roller coaster was worth it. Until next year Mustangs, I love Ya.

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