The FIRST SOLO TRIP in My Life - Stockholm (Part 1)

by Spade Tai March. 02, 2017 676 views

Train View

24th May, 2016 - Day 12

This morning, I take a flight from Saint Petersburg (Russia) to Stockholm (Sweden), just a few hours. Soon, I have arrived at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. This is a fast and convenient way to the city by train which is called "Arlanda Express". After 20 mins, 

More information about the express train, please click on "Arlanda Express" 

To explore the First Scandinavian Country ;)

Welcome to the capital of Sweden - Stockholm!!! 

A Swedish Girl

A portrait of a Swedish girl ;)

After, I have managed everything in a hostel. Time to explore the city!!! Actually, I am a bit shocked a Swedish girl asks for a portrait but I am glad because she is the first person to do this action honestly :) 



GAMLA STAN is the Old Town in Stockholm, and also the first train station I got off to explore. 


It is beautiful, isn't it??


Traffic Jam is everywhere...


Flowers are always blossoming and fascinating during this period ;)

The background of the building is called "Riddarhuset" which is The House of Nobility in Stockholm. 

Let's Move On...

Old Town

This is the Old Town in Stockholm, quite nice :)

Old Town

In Old Town, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops...



"Stortorget" is probably the best area in the Old Town. Let's have a couple tea with sunshine ;) 



"Riksgatan" in English means "National Street". It is going to bring me to see more beautiful things in Stockholm :)


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