The International Game of Clue

by Taifallos May. 04, 2008 860 views

Welcome to the International game of Clue. =)

How to play:

1) please submit your character by posting here. (character may be a username, or for those of you Clue buffs- pick an original character from the game)

2) list of weapons: (total of 6)
>lead pipe

3) List of Rooms: (total 9)
>billiard room
>dining room

4) If you want your character to be the killer, then message me, or else I'll just choose someone, arbitrary weapon and arbitrary room.

This is how the Game Starts:
You've all been invited to a dark and scary castle *cue scary music* because you're all being blackmailed by the owner of the house Mr. Body. There's just one problem when the lights go out…
Mr. Body has been MURDERED!!

So it's up to you super sleuths to solve the crime, or if you're the killer… pin it on someone else.

Post your guesses here on who you think it is, what weapon they used and where the crime took place! Feel free to add some suspicion by posting your own tell tale signs of mystery…
(either by posting a link here to your blog where you're updating, or just write about it all in the post on this blog…)

Let the Games Begin!
*pink cupcakes to who wins!* ;)

Welcome to the Game!

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David Cardona 12 years, 8 months ago

Thank you!

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