Fox Adventures: Book by Candle Part I

by Taifallos January. 01, 2009 743 views

So I've always enjoyed writing and have written many many stories about one particular character named Isai who is a young woman with a passion for history and is often danger prone. They're basically “cozies” a term for you book lovers. In plain english, that means it's a sweet little mystery. I like to keep mine inbetween Agatha Christie meets Beatrix Potter. But never the less I've decided to share my magic online because I believe this is a good way to stay motivated and accountable.

So I hope you enjoy, all the stories will be posted in segments as they are written along with an ‘inspirational photo’. Comments, suggestions and critical analysis are welcome!!


Isai had just finished her last class for the semester. Becoming an ECE was trying work when you had a teacher who didn??t believe in magic. Mrs. Vermin-Bug always insisted hard work was the key to everything and although Isai could not disagree she believed that while working hard you were working magic.
??No, no! I just have the worst name!? She would say to the class.
??I think your name sounds like a blossoming butterfly.? Isai would respond, ??Ver-mon,? she would pronounce it, ??Ver-mon-bug, like a lady butterfly returning home to her kingdom after a long journey.?
But Isai was met with a cold, mocking tone, ??Silly girl. Names let alone life are nothing like fairy tales.?

Isai didn??t read many fairy tales save for Cinderella who she was convinced was of Austrian origin with such yellow hair and blue eyes. Snow White was obviously Jewish with her silky black hair and of course the Jewish guilt following her all the way into the forest. Ariel was notably Scottish not just by name but the complexion said it all. Jasmine of course was Arabian with such a lovely name and not to mention a more twenty-first century feminist outlook on life. Then Mulan, the mysterious foreigner who??s Chinese nationality was confirmed when she met with the emperor inside the forbidden city. There were so many princess??s she was fond of and yet felt oddly disappointed as a child to discover that none ever achieved a bachelors in law or a masters in counselling psychology. Elizabeth the Paper Bag Princess was her second favourite princess. But who was the first?

The first was a young woman who did not know she was a princess. Her name was Israella and she was a peaceful warrior of northern and eastern descent. Israella lost her family at a very young age in a war and dedicated the rest of her life to studying history and traveling. The stories of the world gave her comfort and hope and the traveling provided her with family that stretched far beyond any ocean or desert. Israella was the most magical princess to Isai because she did not need social status or social confirmation to find herself. She used her soul and her gifts to find herself as a strong and gracious woman.

Christmas had now arrived and Isai couldn??t be happier. She had another job outside of a practicing ECE assistant; she was a historian in training. She worked for Nathaniel Black of BARC: Black??s Archaeology. A research and developmental company that assisted private investors and occasionally government in historic details of land and artefacts. There was a project Nathaniel was working on for a Mr. N. Named to recover a book. The book was of great historical importance and documented a love story between a British Captain and a Ukrainian apothecary. The apothecary, Lilia had met Captain Godfrey on the West Coast of Canada. Their families played integral roles in the settling of the country. They had a love affair and she became his betrothed. It was considered a scandal and other settling families would not have it. After the announcement of their wedding Lilia was found drowned in the marina, a noose made from some rope still attached to Captain Godfrey??s boat. The locals accused her of witchcraft and said her death was an act of God. Unknown to the community Lilia had documented her and Godfrey??s relationship in her diary. The diary was never given to Godfrey but sold at auction to a writer. Despite Godfrey??s appeals and requests the writer, James Kingston, published the couple??s secret life in a book. The cruelty of the village took such a toll on Godfrey he left port that day on his boat never to be seen again. Thirteen days after the book was published James Kingston was found dead in his home by a neighbour. His eyes were wide and his jaw was broken open in a twisted expression of fear. The death was diagnosed as heart failure but it was evident that Mr. Kingston was scared to death. Every copy of the book disappeared within another thirteen days. But despite all of this, there was a local story that said the book could be found and was in fact in a bookstore in Vancouver. The book however was not for sale and was not available to be read. Every person who had read the book was to have died within thirteen days of mysterious circumstances. Isai was determined to find the book.

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David Cardona 11 years, 9 months ago

There´s pure magic here! cOngrAts!

11 years, 9 months ago Edited
Anita 11 years, 9 months ago

oh I came in at number IV in your series. Thought you were writing the content of the story book (in your photos) into the blog. Now that I've worked my way back to post I, it's much more interesting that you're posting your own work. Congratulations!!!

11 years, 9 months ago Edited