Fox Adventures: Book by Candle Part II

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Part II

There was something magical about snow. In her mind Isai never thought of it as snow but rather winter rain. Little water droplets that decided the winter season was too pretty to miss so they decided to circulate a few more times through the clouds and listen to the stories that the wind whispered before finally landing where they would stick long enough to tell the earth all about their adventures. The winter rain must have had many adventures to share because the snow was thick and heavy, hedging in homes and streets. Never the less Isai bundled up, her long hair curled and twisted in the wind, her cheeks blushed with the kisses from the frost and eye lashes danced with the falling snow. She called for a taxi and headed down to Trails & Paths Books. Isai blew in the door with a gust of wind twirling her around. Her coat was fluttering and long curls settled on the double breasted duffle. She batted her eyes and smiled sweetly at the shopkeeper.

??Hello.? Isai approached the counter, her face sparkling with winter??s touch, ??My name is Isai Fox.?
??Oh hello, I??m John Trails.?
She reached out to shake his hand, ??Hello John Trails.? The store was in an old building with brick walls and wood paneling. The floor was scuffed and creaked as she walked across it. The shop was somehow enchanting, like something out of a fairy tale. It had tall deep bookcases that seemed as though they reached the sky and held a thousand volumes. The air had a thick musty smell and made you feel as though you were breathing in the dust itself. ??I??m looking for a book.?
??You??ve come to the right place.? John smiled, his laugh lines deepening into his cheeks.
??I don??t know the name but it??s about a Captain Godfrey and his beloved Lilia the apothecary.?
??I think you??ve come to the wrong store.? John moved out from behind the cash register, ??Now if you please.? He walked to the door.
??Mr. Trails I have no interest in buying the book. I just have some questions about it. Honestly, you can keep it. I??m just doing a research project and a few questions could help me complete my project. Would you deny a young woman the knowledge of such a fantastic love story??
John thought for a moment standing by the door, ??I suppose not. What do you want to know?? He came back towards Isai and leaned up against the counter.
??I know you will not sell it, and that??s fine, but why not??
??Because everyone who reads it ends up underground.?
??And what about those of us over-ground??
John chuckled, ??The legend says that the book must be read by candlelight in a place of secrecy for the curse not to be affective.?
??Curse? Why is that??
??Because in the story the journal, that the book was based on, was intended for the eyes of one who had loved not for eyes of ridicule and judgement. It was a secret diary of the heart. This is what drove Godfrey to leave, such injustice he could not tolerate. So now it must be read in candlelight in secret and in a secret place. No judgement can be passed on the story. James Kingston, the man who wrote the book passed harsh judgement on the couple costing them their livelihood and paid with his soul.?
??Do you really believe this??
??Well the book has been the death of eight people. So yes, I do. All of its previous owners have suffered from the curse.?
??Could I see it??
??I don??t think that??s a very good idea. You??ll be too tempted to glance at a page.?
??Why haven??t you died under mysterious circumstances??
??Because when I received the book it was wrapped in tissue and had a note attached to it addressed by its previous owner. The man suffered a massive heart attack. He did not finish the book but documented his reading in a separate journal.?
Isai frowned curiously, ??Is he still alive??
??He??s hospitalized in a coma.?
??Mr. Trails, how long have you had the book??
??Nearly five years.?
She nodded, ??Does it have a name??
??I wouldn??t know,? he chuckled, ??it??s documented in his notes the cover has been torn off. Perhaps another doomed soul tried to eliminate the curse by destroying the identity of the book. But either or it didn??t work.?
Isai thought for a moment, ??Well Mr. Trails you have been most helpful. Thank you for helping me. I??m going to go and attempt to finish my report but in case I??m writing and I??ve realized I??ve missed something, you wouldn??t be terribly upset if I came by again??
He waved his hands in an inviting gesture, ??Oh no my dear girl. That??s quite alright.?
??Thank you.? Isai shook his hand again and headed toward the door.
??What did you say you were doing your report for??
??I??m becoming a historian. Another research project.? She smiled, turned the handle of the door and disappeared into the winter storm.

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Quatros 10 years, 7 months ago

lovely shot!

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Tiagomiranda 10 years, 8 months ago

Belo Momento (Beautiful moment)!

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David Cardona 10 years, 9 months ago

Marvellous work!

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