Fox Adventures: Book by Candle Part III

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Part III

Isai walked down the street to the new building site. The finishing touches were being made on the company building. It was two floors of vaulted ceilings and windows that stretched from floor to roof. The downstairs was a private museum, and the upstairs was all office space including a personal library and reference department for BARC.

??It??s looking good Jas.? Isai smiled at a man standing in the middle of the vast stair case.
??You really think so?? His British accent boomed, ??I??m beginning to think it??s a bit big.? He grinned and looked around. The building wasn??t nearly big enough for office space but BARC was hoping to purchase the building next door and expand in the future. For now however each level was a third of a city block. This was big enough to ensure some comfort and leg room for the company at present.
??So what are you doing out in this neck of the woods eh?? James, or Jas as he was referred to, was Nathaniel??s adopted adult son also a practicing archaeologist.
Isai took a few steps closer, ??I??ve been checking in on that book. You know the one.?
??Oh yeah. You??ve found it have you?? He was now within a few feet of her.
??Yes. Unfortunately I can??t get a look at it.?
??No matter. The museum??s buying it.? He shrugged.
Isai??s expression changed drastically, she was shocked, ??What? He said, John said or confirmed for me it wasn??t for sale.?
??Aye, that??s because it was sold.? Jas winked.
??But how??
??Every man??s got his price, right? You??ve just got to find that special combination of numbers.?
??Is anyone going to attempt to read it??
??No. You know us artsy types always superstitious. Besides, why read a legend to kill yourself? We??ll give it to the building owner next door and finally get our hands on the deed.? He laughed quietly. ??Anyways, come here, I want to show you something.? He gestured for her to walk with him. They went up the stair case and down the long hallway. There, a few rooms away from the reference department was an empty office. ??This is yours.? He smiled, ??I asked Nathaniel to give you an office close to the reference section and study. I know how much you like working in there.? Jas walked closer to the window. Isai couldn??t believe her eyes the office was perfect. The window spanned across most of the wall and had a thick overlaid ledge you could sit on. The floors like the rest of the building were a deeply stained hard wood. Isai noticed on the open door that her name was printed on the glass window.
??And the stained glass? Jas it??s beautiful.? There was a small stained glass picture inlaid in the window. It was a castle on a hill with a long path winding down into the corner.
??A few of the staff have one.?
??Oh yeah? Who else?? She turned around smiling.
??You, Nathaniel, Jamie, Belle and I.?

Nathaniel was the founder of BARC of course, Jamie was a lawyer who specialized in settling disputes of any historic or archaeological nature and Belle was a researcher who wrote and filed all reports and papers for the company. BARC had a much larger staff but was very limited with family. The company was Nathaniel??s baby and he had invested his hard work and millions of dollars for over thirty years. His partner Edward Brighton had passed on from cancer several years earlier and most long term staff had moved on to have families or work on their careers. Most staff stayed an average of five years and although this was Isai??s fourth year she was quite convinced she would be there a life time. Jas would inherit the company when his father died and as things were going Isai would most likely be made partner.

Isai looked around the office again. The built in book cases begged to be filled and the empty desk in the middle of the room was in need of a desk companion. The window overlooked the street and brought in a considerable amount of light.
Jas interrupted her day dream, ??There??s a coffee shop around the corner, although you may have passed it on the way in. There??s also this fabulous place we could go for lunch. They do this sexy thing with chickens and tomatoes.?
Isai beamed, ??That sounds fabulous.?
??Right then. On the way out though I would like to show you a few things. We??ve got a great show case area downstairs and all but while we??re up here come take a look at the other offices.?

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