Fox Adventures: Book by Candle Part IV

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Part IV

??So I was thinking of talking to Alistair today.? Isai dipped some grilled chicken into tomato sauce, ??I??ll see if he??s at the museum or library. I??ve been thinking ever since we started this case to look up the Ostelamasque and see if they know anything about the book.?
??Most likely. I hear they are just down the block.? Jas held up his drink to the waiter signalling for a refill.
??How convenient. In the building that doesn??t move?? She took her last bite of the meal.
??It??s bloody ancient.?
??That was delicious Jas. Thanks. How long are you around for??
??A few more hours. The movers are bringing in more furniture today. You should probably decorate your office soon. We open New Years. You??re coming right??
??Oh I think so. Black tie no??
??No khaki??s that??s for sure. I??d look fit if I were you Nathaniel will most likely want to introduce you to some people.?
??Anyone important??
??A few investors, that??s all. The rest are buyers and potential clients.? He spoke with a sarcastic tone, ??Not that they matter.?
??Of course not.?
??Course not.? They finished their drinks, paid their server and he walked her to the corner of the street. ??Don??t let them scare you. I??m sure the coffins they keep in the basement are just for napping in anyways.? He laughed. ??Have fun. Don??t hesitate to call.?
??Thanks for lunch Jas. I??ll see you when I see you.? Isai smiled and walked across the street. Jas stayed a few minutes and watched her head towards the Ostelamasque.

It was a privately owned building in a much older part of town. Isai hitched a ride on the winter trolley and jumped off outside its entrance. The storm had settled down but she rushed to the double doors to escape the bitter cold. She tried to open the doors but they were locked. The building was old stone and although not very large it was rumoured that the Ostelamasque never changed their location or expanded because there were secret catacombs beneath its structure. They were paranormal researchers, the type of historians and archaeologists that did believe in fairy tales but the more dark and haunting kind. Isai knocked on the door but there was no answer. The wind broke out in a rage and all of a sudden the soft snow turned into sharpened bits of ice. It felt like broken glass against her cheeks. Isai squinted as her skin burned and she knocked again. The wind pushed her away from the door but she held on to the handle and used her fist to give a final pound. When Isai looked up a man was unlocking the door. He had dark hair and glasses and was dressed in a black suit. The wind died down as he opened the door and invited her in. She dusted herself off and removed her white tuque. ??Thank you!? Isai said with a half hearted laugh.
??Hello Ms. Fox may I help you?? The man leaned in toward her.
??Yes you can.? She smiled sweetly, ??If you can, tell me why you know my name but I why I don??t know yours.? Isai loosened her scarf as she spoke.
??Excuse me how rude, David Castle.? He took her hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze. Isai blinked at his gentleness and manner. The handshake was similar to how you would greet a lady one was well acquainted with two hundred years ago. ??It??s lovely to meet you.?
??Yes and you-? She began.
??I know who you are because I also happen to have a keen interest in that book. Please come in, you must be chilled to the bone.? He walked her to the buildings staff room and prepared her a cup of tea. They talked about the legend and possibilities of how this one copy of the book survived after all of the remaining copies disappeared. This certainly was a mystery. Although David could not offer much information Isai felt that she had a made a vital connection.

When she returned home she couldn??t help but glow with happy thoughts of her new office and where her career was going. She dreamed of what desk lamp she would use and what decorations she would put up. Whoever said that magic doesn??t exist had obviously never worked hard enough to make their own fairy dust. Isai spent the rest of the day turning her apartment into a winter wonderland. She lived on the river overlooking the water and faraway cityscape. In the fall and winter the fog would roll in over the river smothering any signs of life as though preparing for a fleet of ghost ships to weigh anchor. She loved the river and could watch it for hours. The water was like stealth with its glassy surface hiding beneath it a world of gliding monsters.

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