Fox Adventures: Book by Candle Part V

by Taifallos January. 25, 2009 780 views

The sound of her mobile ringing distracted her attention away from the window.
??Uh-yes? Hello?? Isai answered.
??You weren??t going to call? Just ring me when you had solved the mysterious case??
??Wha-? Who is this? Oh it??s Alistair!?
??Heard you were in town today,? He greeted her warmly, ??Why didn??t you stop by??
??Sorry I got sidetracked by the Ostelamasque and the storm was so topsy-turvy I just went straight home.?
??Ostelamasque? Really? May I ask what gloomish guardian of the underworld did you talk to there??
??Uh- David Castle to be exact. Gloomish guardian? I get that they??re weird but why is it everyone I??ve talked to makes fun of them??
??It??s because they take themselves too seriously I suppose.?
??What do you mean??
??Well you know they??re all historians and archaeologists and anthropologists and almost anything else ending in a ??o-l-o-g-i-s-t but they go beyond??
??Beyond what??
??The grave if you ask me. Their board consists of a vampire hunter, a paranormal psychologist, a paranormal investigator, telekinetic researcher, wraith awareness and ghost intervention worker, ancient civilizations researcher, and oh the list continues. I know you??ve heard us make jokes about their dingy old basement but seriously if and when you ever have the ghoulish pleasure of taking a tour you will know what I mean.?
??You??re joshing me! A ghost intervention worker?? Isai laughed aloud.
??You may laugh now, but hence forth you have been forewarned! Anyways, what did you do after the post slaughter ritual??
??Oh you??re so funny.? Isai smirked, ??I came home. I??ve been decorating my apartment ever since.?
??May I ask this year??s theme??
??Oh something magical. A winter wonderland of sorts with a forest touch.?
??Ah, to match the book at hand??
??Why is it everyone knows about this blasted book? I knew it was the topic of discussion but why all the muss and fuss??
??Because dear girl you have friends who are very involved in their work. If history is our lover, then books and stories must be our mistress. Therefore their whereabouts and those that concern the livelihood of mankind tend to be on our list of priorities.?
??Alright, if this mysterious book happens to be your mistress, tell me Mr. Sherwood, how is it that it has been sold to BARC? I mean Jas won??t discuss it, John Trails that guy??
??Yes I know who he is. From my understanding there is a mysterious buyer who is after the book for a completely different reason and John Trails agreed to the sale of it to BARC for protection purposes. You see the book is not going to be for sale at BARC and it will not be under review or glass but rather a guarded safe of sorts with lock and key.?
??How much did they buy it for??
??Is that really any of our business??
??Hah! You know. I knew you??d know! Tell me, was it a major buy??
??No actually. It was insurance. I don??t know the number but apparently it had nothing to do with worth, once again it was all to do with protection.?
??Who is the mysterious buyer??
??A Mr. N. Named.?
??I know about him. Nathaniel said this man was involved with the project.?
??Really? That can??t be. Somehow this is wrong. We??re trying to prevent this man from finding the book, not assist him. There??s something foggy about this picture, I don??t like it.?
??I??ll make some enquiries. Are you coming to the opening on New Years??
??Yes, is your gentleman caller escorting you to the event??
??Oh pish-posh I haven??t the time. Besides you know me, after you say yes to one man they all think they have a chance and it??s nothing but work having to sign for flowers, chocolates and all that.?
??Fabulous. So I??ll pick you up then??
??I wouldn??t have it any other way.? The conversation soon ended. All through the night it bothered Isai what was going on with this book. This was the first file she was asked to work on where at every corner there seemed to be another secret. Who was Mr. N. Named? Did Nathaniel lie to her about assisting him? Why was Jas so quiet about the sale of the book? Why was the book purchased for protection? She lay in bed trying to conjure up an answer, any answer at least to satisfy her imagination so she could get some sleep but Isai knew something was happening and began to think of an old saying from Hamlet. ??By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.? Indeed, something was not right.

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i like this composition, good, i'll try this shot!!

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Love it!

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Nice, I love these types of shots.

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Nice shot!

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supper b

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