Fox Adventures: Book by Candle Part VI

by Taifallos January. 27, 2009 1027 views

The next morning Isai woke with a start as Beast pounced on her chest. ??Silly cat.? She hugged him and proceeded to pull herself out of the morning??s dreary state. Her feet touched the cold floor as she stretched. It was eight o??clock and Isai was late again. She had been stuck in this pattern for at least a month now. At work, with friends, for personal appointments she was ten to thirty minutes late and could not seem to put a stop to it. Her luck got worse that morning when the snow settled on the city streets. She tripped on the sidewalk while getting on the bus and dropped her fare in an icy puddle. Then the bus got into an accident and delayed her for another forty minutes. When she got to work the entire walkway was covered with ice and she slipped, fell and twisted her ankle trying to make it into the building. Then as she sat frustrated and breathless on the pavement in an attempt to soothe her ankle it began to rain. When Isai entered the office she had developed a speech impediment and decided to withdraw from answering any calls.

A young woman popped her head in the office, ??Isai? Blaine won??t stop hitting Justin. They had another fight again.? Isai smiled and nodded at Sweeta. The classroom was quite large with room enough for twenty children. It had a connecting office that the workers used. Isai??s supervisor was Matilda and together the two of them managed the preschool program.
??Think think think?? Isai whispered to herself while resting her head between the palms of her hands. ??I??ll finish up session, finish up paperwork, wander down to BARC and find out what that special number was. What did Alistair call it? Protection?? At that moment Sweeta threw a rolled up newspaper onto the desk. The loud thump scared Isai out of the chair as she fell on the floor.
??Sorry! It??s this mornings! Blaine stop that!? Sweeta jogged out of the room again.
Isai pulled herself up off the ground and as her head rose above the top of the table her eyes caught the corner of the front page Local Bookman Murdered. She snatched the newspaper off the desk and before it was unbound by the elastic she had already read half of the article, Local Bookman Henry Paths, of Trails & Paths Bookstore was found dead in the garden of his North Van home the night before last. Medical reports say he suffered a massive heart attack, but police are calling it murder. Paths, who was recently released from hospital after overcoming a five year coma was said to be in perfect health. Left behind is his wife Janette of thirty years and adult children Carey and Louisa. Investigations continue as this bizarre case unravels. ??Oh no.? Isai muttered. She stuffed the article into her purse and decided this was the wrong time to get pulled into the current events. She took a deep breath and headed back out into the classroom. It was time to put some magic to work.

When the class finished Isai said her goodbyes to Matilda and Sweeta and wandered down to BARC??s office where she knew Jas would be illustrating his office with century old spear tips and masks. ??I can give you some tiger??s eye if it will liven up your office a bit.? He smiled at her as he pushed through the doorway teetering back and forth with a box. It slammed on the desk surface.
??I have my own tiger??s eye thank you.? Isai replied, ??Besides I have a few masks and paintings I??ll probably use to sparkle things up a bit.?
??Oh?? Jas was huffing and puffing as he pulled boxes around the room and rearranged the furniture.
??Actually I was thinking of taking a certain book out on loan.? She smirked.
Jas poked his head out of a box. ??Oye then, you??ve been snooping about s??more haven??t you??
??Snooping? Me? No. Gosh no. Just dilly dallying and sorting my facts from fiction?? Isai whistled.
??Oh? You only whistle when you??re up to something.?
She jumped up on his desk and batted her long black lashes, ??Well then I??m so glad you??re willing to help!? Jas smiled and looked at her inquisitively. ??So, a little birdie tells me BARC is keeping that special book under lock and key??
??You must know a lot of birdies.?
??It was the same birdie who brought me the obituary section of the paper.?
??Ah,? he stopped moving and wiped his hands on a rag. ??Did you ever meet Mr. Paths??
??No. Was he a good man??
??Yes. I suppose. I didn??t know him well. I never speak ill of the dead for they have not the means to defend themselves.?
??Who is Mr. N. Named Jas? I thought??
??He is a client. I thought you were working on his case??
??Jas honestly, we??re trying to find the book for him, but now that we have it we??re hiding it. How does this add up??
He sat on the opposite corner of the desk, ??Mr. N. Named is actually unnamed. We??ve never met him, after doing extensive research we had originally decided not to take the case. But you see, we were approached by Trails and Paths on protection matters. They had heard about our work with the Mayan Mask and the Sea Dragon and decided to inquire about our services.?
??But protection??
??Apparently N. Named has been pushing Trails and Paths for the sale of the book.?
??Oh yes, and it has not gone well. Some of this pushing has turned to threats. We took on the case for protection of historical purposes.?
??This is why you??re keeping it under lock and key??
??Precisely,? he answered nodding his head, ??We make the book disappear and in turn Mr. N. Named disappears. Hopefully this includes any followers who have had similar ideas.?
??But why is he after it? If the book brings death then how could it possibly benefit him??
??Captain Godfrey was a man of wealth. His family were tradesmen and social climbers. It is said that before he and Lilia were to wed, he told her of a secret place where he kept his most valuable possessions. Some people believe because he was a sailor these possessions were treasure. But I suppose it all has to do with how you interpret the word treasure. It could just be land, or it could be buttons or rubies. Never the less, some people seem to think it??s of great value. I will say, it??s rumours like these that cause trouble.?
??Sounds like a delicious adventure.? Her eyes glistened.
??I knew you??d say that.?

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What a brilliant idea for a post, love it!

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Beautiful composition and angle

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mAgIcAl! Nice shot and wonderful reading. Thanks a lot for sharing dear and gentle lady. I always remember your beautiful smile. Have an incredible and very happy 2009! [i][b]chEErs![/b][/i]

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