Book by Candle Part VII

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Unfortunately there wasn??t much for Isai to do the next day. She found herself grasping for information that seemed impossible to find. After making phone calls and visiting the library it seemed hopeless to accomplish anything within the case. People hung up the phone on her, librarians shook their heads and showed her the door. She even requested from Nathaniel access to BARC??s personal files for the case that even staff didn??t have access to. Of course he gave it to her, but none of her questions were answered. The sudden disappearance of information bothered her. She reasoned however that information never disappears, it simply moves. So what would cause information to move other than a change in circumstance? It is only change that brings about new information that in turn impacts the old.

Her morning was spent at BARC rearranging the office. Nathaniel had paid for movers but Jas insisted on helping her move her personal items into the new office. ??They can move the downstairs. I??d rather help you.? He said. She kept her desk in the middle of the room where the sunlight shone through the window best. A few masks and several maps dressed the wall. The bookcases were soon lined with Isai??s historical collection and plenty of files. By the time two o??clock came her office was nearly complete. The only things it missed was her laptop and red coffee cup. ??Oh right. There??s this.? Jas walked her downstairs where a taupe shag carpet laid rolled up by the front door.
??It??s hideous.? Isai squinted.
??Yes but it matches the desk and leather beautifully.?
??Hmm? Right then!? The two picked up the carpet and carried it upstairs where it became the six by six foot base of her office. ??Look, I need to ask you some things because it??s been bothering me.?
??I know you checked all the references and the library, not just the Vancouver Library but interlibrary loans and records not to mention my own personal files.? Jas smiled at her sweetly. She felt sometimes when he smiled it was because he thought her hard work to be cute, not serious. As much as Isai liked him as a friend and colleague she wondered if he really did judge her work, like the other archaeologists, solely by the large educational gap between her accomplishments and theirs.
??You mocking me?? She stood up from adjusting the carpet and looked at him.
??No, no.? He shook his head, ??I just think it??s sweet that you??ve become so involved in the case.?
Isai??s eyebrows came together and her tone heightened, ??Sweet?? There was that word. That word she hated. Sweet was what you called your grandmother, not what you called a historically life altering murder case. ??You think I??m sweet? I??ve got every bloody right to be involved thanks for withholding information. You know psych identifies withholding information as lying. You??d be involved too. But then again, I guess you know everything about the case so you haven??t had to invest the time and effort I have.?
??I wasn??t mocking you. Seriously.? Jas smiled at her but Isai could feel that tone when the line between the professionals and the researchers broadens. Something was happening and she didn??t know what. She knew Jas and she knew when he was lying. It was as though he knew she was on a goose chase but didn??t want to tell her. He knew her work was pointless in this case but needed credibility which was why her running around would be? Isai blinked, she put all the pieces to the puzzle together. Within seconds everything made sense.
??I believe you.? She smiled, forcing herself to blush. ??I suppose I am sweet.? Deep within herself a psychological note had been made to be very weary of what she did and did not say. Perhaps it was time to disappear from the birds eye completely. Isai would simply lie and fake a fleeting interest in the case. Jas had no idea how intelligent she was and would therefore believe her if she said bringing any resolution to the file was beyond her skill. But the drive inside to solve the mystery already embarked on was too strong. Isai decided that perhaps this matter was not suited best for people overground, rather underground would be her most beneficial alternative.

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:) Fantastic shot!

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