Fox Adventures: Book by Candle Part X

by Taifallos May. 22, 2013 395 views

well, it's been a while since I've posted a Fox Adventures excerpt! Enjoy everyone!

* * *

??A meeting? David, you must be joking. I mean really??
??Yes, something you??re not interested in, more boyish rampaging through research and papers after paper. It??s long and drawn out.?
??Look, David, I get that you are a part of the Ostelamasque??s secret board. You don??t have to cover it up.? Isai winked at him. ??For now however, I hope I see you at the opening.?
They both stood up from their chairs. David removed his glasses and placed them on the desk. His rich hazel eyes looked into hers, ??I hope so too. I can??t thank you enough for including me in your adventure.? He gently shook her hand goodbye, ??I??ll see you after Christmas.? The corner of his mouth curved up as if to smile. He walked her upstairs and waited as she gathered her things and then escorted her to the door. Christmas Eve day was tomorrow and Isai was thrilled. Christmas shopping was done, although her family never celebrated much with gifts, it was a time when they could all gather. Isai was an only child but grew up in the company of ??the terrible twosome?, twins Claudette and Emmett, nick named lovingly by the family for their silly pranks. They bared little resemblance to one another but strangely Isai bared a resemblance to them. The three had curly auburn hair, blue eyes, freckles on their arms and each a beauty mark on their face. They were often mistaken for siblings as children. They had, coincidently, a younger set of twin sisters Kathleen and Theo. Theirs and Isai??s mother??s became much like sisters when they attended school together. They all regarded themselves to be a apart of the same family despite there being a lack of blood relation. Tomorrow Isai would prepare with Claudette and Kathleen sweets and treats for their family while Emmett and Theo would bake turkey, stuffing, cabbage rolls, and make the family??s favourite cranberry sauce. There was always more food, but relatives would bring the rest. Isai called a cab and hurried home. Beast greeted her warmly as she took her coat off. He rubbed his back against her feet and spoke softly to her. ??Sweet Beast.? She picked him up and kissed his cheek. The two fell asleep on the floor in front of the fire place. Isai had a few papers in her hand resting on her chest while Beast slept on top drooling on them peacefully. When her mobile rang, she was enjoying her sleep too much to care and slept soundly through the night.

* * *
After Christmas had passed, Isai received a phone call from David asking her to meet with him. Despite her promise to herself in an attempt to avoid too much work, the two days over Christmas swarmed Isai??s mind with thoughts of tracing Godfrey and Lilia. She had done research at night and checked BARC??s logs. It was difficult since local computers only had limited access, even when signed into the online system. Isai would need to return to the office and check either manually through endless paperwork or hope that she or someone else had already archived the information. When she finally checked her cell phone it beeped loudly signalling a missed call. It was Jas, ??Merry Christmas Isai, I was hoping we could have an after Christmas lunch, say boxing day at the office? Drop on by and I??ll have something for the both of us. Cheers.? Isai played the message again and thought about Jas??s words. Nothing too suspicious seemed to strike her. She didn??t bother phoning back because she knew he would expect her unless she called to cancel.

That morning Isai left David a message agreeing to catch up and then headed down to BARC. Although she arrived outside the front doors, she did not go inside. She could see the movers and construction workers still busy putting the finishing touches on the lower floor. It was a bit warmer that day and although the sidewalks were icy Isai didn??t bother with the gloves in her bag. She meandered down the street further, it was only ten in the morning and she decided to go for a coffee inside the bookstore a few blocks over. Her path crossed not too far over from the Ostelamasque and for the first time it struck her odd to think that there were the remains of a building hundreds of years old beneath her feet. She wondered what else the city hid beneath its icy concrete. Isai always loved bookstores. She found them to be most delightful. The very idea of having a coffee shop inside a bookstore was genius in her opinion. She wandered around and every so often sat on the floor to read through some books. While she sat close to the nautical history section, she couldn??t help but notice a man staring at her. She locked eyes with him and refused to be stared down at. He had dark hair and quite pale skin. His eyes were a brooding green colour, deeply set into his face. He had a long narrow nose that ended before two slim, fish like lips. Then as if he never saw her he glanced past her and proceeded to walk away. Isai thought this to be peculiar but decided to ignore it. She was going to buy this book, Tragic History of the Sea. It seemed like an enthusiastic read.

After her time spent in the dusty depths of spine cracking tomes, or what the salesperson referred to as classics, Isai refilled her portable caffeine receptacle and sauntered back to BARC. It was there she found Jas directing the last of the movers into a well orchestrated performance of gliding trunks and boxes. ??Aha! You??ve come for lunch! I knew you would never pass up a free meal!? He slapped his hands together smiling.
??Unless of course it involves selling my soul and purgatory and all that.? Isai approached Jas, ??I??m very finicky about refunds.?
??Well I should sincerely hope so. Here, come along. While it is not lunch yet we have some varnish and scones if you fancy it.? He took her by the elbow and leading her through the maze of half constructed furniture they went into the new staff room. ??See how we??ve invested? It even has a sign!? Jas smirked and pointed to the sign on the door Staff Room. ??What a clever bunch we are.? As they entered the staff room Isai could see the varnish, Jas??s take on coffee, and scones sitting prepared on a counter. The staff room was a decent size with a standard kitchen and eating area. There was a bar style counter setup designed for office work. Isai could tell by the slim drawers that could be pulled out. They were not big or close enough to the kitchen to be used for cooking equipment. A part of the bar counter was heavy inlaid plastic on hinges that could be picked up and papers stored beneath. Opposite the kitchen was the wooden table and chairs. Behind that several half bookshelves lined the walls. Above the bookshelves were three slim windows. The windows overlooked the inside of the building, precisely the circulation desk.
??Interesting how this was constructed.? Isai walked around the room admiring the unique and practical layout. She opened one pantry door, it was fairly deep and in the back there was a set of stairs. ??Oh Jas?? She walked into the small room, ??There??s stairs in the pantry.?

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