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I am a resident of Vancouver, BC, and long standing member of Photoblog (8 or 9 years now?). Not much of a photographer, imaging is a hobby, it is something I have always enjoyed, and definitely appreciated.

My work as a Strategist takes me on some strange and uncharted territory, but I do alright. Often, I have all the better stories to share with friends and family. My major is War Studies in Strategic Initiative, and enjoy a nice cold beer over some battle capers chit chat. Currently I work as a Crisis Negotiator and Team Leader for a Triage Unit that progresses in tandem with local health authorities, police, and underground agencies. I see the Guns and Gangs Unit everyday, and my iPhone thinks 911 is a friend favorite because I use it so often. I am married to my work, the 99th percentile of Western and Developed Society; takes me everywhere from political negotiation and media, to behind the scenes budgeting and statistical data reporting. I understand not everyone wants to read about violence, so no offense taken if you want to focus on the photos and not breathe a word on the context. I'm going into Hostage Negotiation next year for both local and international units, so you may seem some interesting development.

My work takes up all of my spare time. When not dating the CISM team, and debriefing with a clinical supervisor, my time is spent doing high risk activities (free diving, off roading, bungee jumping, and so forth). In general I am rather committed to being a child for the rest of my life, and take great pride in playing my PS3 and being equally opportunity immature.

Camera's used: Nikon Coolpix, Canon G15, iPhone, and everything in between when I get to play with my photographer friends collection!


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