354 of 365

by Christian Hammer Nielsen July. 20, 2018 612 views

Funny Thing Is

People say the nicest things when it's time to say goodbye. Time is running out so you're more likely to let your guard down, be vulnerable, speak what's on your mind. Connect with the person in front of you, because if it goes badly, atleast it won't last long since it's already time for goodbyes. What would it take to live a life as if you were always about to say goodbye? What would it take for you to dare to be vulnerable always? To be real? In essence, to live as if everything is just about to change to uncertainty? Maybe it's the "not knowing" that gives you the courage to live in the moment. To let go and be there. Some say "goodbyes are the worst" – in certain ways I think goodbyes might be the best.

354 of 365: Funny Thing Is

354 of 365: Funny Thing Is

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