Camping at Ocean Shores

by Tamara Harden July. 21, 2012 1310 views

Took Jocelyn camping this weekend. Our beach is very different than Galveston Beach where she's from. Their beach is narrow, and the wet sand ends at the sea wall next to the road. She was quite amazed at how BIG our beach was. We were down from the resort that we were camped at, and there was no one around. Very peaceful. She had so much fun digging in the sand, and getting very dirty!! Up in the dry dune area, she really enjoyed digging in the warm, soft sand.

This was actually on the beach at Ocean Shores in town. Papa brought his metal detector and they were going to look for treasures. All they found were bottle caps.

Sleepy head!!

Nothing is better than breakfast cooked outside!!

Aw, that first cup of coffee!!

Over the creek, heading to the trek down to the beach.

Not another soul on the beach, either way you look.

Needless to say, the walk back to camp was rather uncomfortable until we could get the sand rinsed out of her pants at the dog rinsing station!!

I love to watch horses on the beach!!

A nice cold homemade iced latte on a very warm afternoon. There's really nothing better!

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