Brain Surgery

by Tamara Harden July. 26, 2012 5391 views

My niece, Brittania found out last month after an MRI for headaches, unbalance, and stumbling over words, that she has a condition known as Chiari Malformation, where her brain is literally seeping into her spinal chord, because the bone in the base of her skull is small, and didn't expand as she grew. A lot of people who have this never experience symptoms, but after a couple MRIs, the doctor told her that her condition is ‘progressing rapidly’, and that she was in ‘paralysis territory’. They scheduled her for surgery ASAP. She was already starting to go numb in her hand. Whatever damage is caused is permanent, even after having surgery, that is why they wanted to get this taken care of before paralysis. They had to open her up from the middle of her skull, to the top of the neck, pull apart the muscles, and remove a part of the skull bone (she was very tight in that area which is why the brain was pressing out into the spine), and put a patch over it (to allow room), then put a plate over that. They also had to shave off a portion of the top vertebrae. The doctor said this is the most painful surgery he performs. She is in the ICU, and in tremendous pain (due to the muscles being pulled apart). She is in for a long recovery. She is 25, and has 2 young sons.

(These were taken with a cell phone). Brittany and her husband just before going under the knife.

The Dr said her surgery was very successful!!

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Jack 8 years, 2 months ago

Great record of a miracle. Thank God the surgery was a success.

8 years, 2 months ago Edited