Our Stay in Ocean Shores

by Tamara Harden June. 12, 2014 1582 views

We stayed the night in Ocean Shores, because after a long day on the beach, who wants to drive 2 hours to get home? Not me!! Besides, it's fun to stay in a hotel, and swim in the pool. After the sun set, even though the pool was 95 degrees, the wind was freezing. We got dressed, and headed to the Shilo Inn on the beach, and had dessert while watching the sun set over the horizon.

Abby is anticipating her very first time riding a go-kart by herself. She is finally big enough, although she has to ride the slow ones, but that's ok. Aunt Dawn is keeping her company.

The pool at the Ocean Shores Inn and Suites is a very warm 95 degrees. It was so nice, because the wind as the sun was setting was freezing!

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