Carnavale Viterbo 2019

by Jenny Tanghe June. 12, 2019 225 views

I went to the carnaval of my city in Mars. I hesitated a while about what lens to bring, i didn't wanted to change lens in the middle of the crownd. So i took my YongNuo 35mm. I didn't wanted to take a zoom lens, My Canon 50mm would have zoomed too much ( i have a canon EOS 800D), my canon 24mm would have too much large pics, and at the end i was pretty happy of my choice of taking the 35mm

I took a lot of pics but those are my favorite, i'm still not sure of the treatment. I want to have the feel of old pics

I was also really new to photo and i took everything at F/2 and 1/2000 sec iso 100. Now it wouldn't maybe be my choice, i would probably be at f/5.6 or F/8, but i wanted to be sure to get the freezing movements right :D

Also i'm not really skilled to make pics of humans, but here they were not really looking at what i was doing, so it was ok.

Now i will have to see if next year i can come with better shoot, with this post i will be able to compare !

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