Thai Whisky and Boss Pub

by Timmy Tarerizm January. 08, 2007 5400 views

Ok, now I am freaking angry.
Had written a long ass description of my night last night and the fucking photoblog session timed out! Thats just SO lame!!

Anyway, I guess I will just have to write something over…

Went out last night with my two usual partners in crime Aeh and Aye for a delicious “all you can eat” Japanese buffet. Along with the magnificently varied 100's of dishes, came the awesome fresh sushi selection I had been looking forward to for days; off the hook!

Having duefully payed our proper respects to both amounts and quality of dishes, we sat back for a relaxed digestive ponder upon where to be headed next. Prop Bar was to be the destination after a quick stop at some of Aeh and Aye's friend's bar for beer and chat.

Arriving in Prop Bar,and not being too overly motivated (…big party the night before, still slightly hungover, and greatly hindered by the sushi growing in me tum) I decided to order a hipflask of Thai Whisky; drunk straight, no chaser, no mixer, no ice: the TARE way baby! :) Needless to say we had a blast and danced all night to the really good sounds of the live DJs; always right on point.

Then, at 2am, once the joint closed and Aeh and Aye took off for the night, I headed for the infamous Farang pickup joint, Boss Pub, for more dancing and alcohol. I will spare you the boring details :)-

Finally, around 8am, headed home to Sukhumvit HQ, having picked up a kickass Thai breakfast for the road…

Anyway, the conclusion is, I need a job and to lay low on the alcohol consumption.

Bangkok is just TOO much fun! :) THIS city never sleeps!
Having woken up at 6pm and still not gotten any food, I will sign off now to go and read a book and eat some more delicious Thai food!! Gotta love it!
Timmy Tarerizm

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