Koh Samet

by Timmy Tarerizm February. 05, 2007 6486 views

Koh Samet, about 3 hours outside of Bangkok, a very big island indeed, clean, beautiful, and still relatively isolated…

Went for short weekend paradise evasion with Aeh; off the hook:
Beautiful beaches, awesome food, really good clean swimming, fresh sea air, kick-ass party scene, and a shitload of relaxation!

Started off from bangkok on friday afternoon, caught a very comfy van ride, which took about three hours (traffic was slightly dense) and then a 40 minute ferry ride into Samet. Rented a bungalow, and hit the beach for drinks and dancing (ALOT of it, and in “tongs” I might add). Met two very sweet and fun Norwegian girls, and it was all gravy indeed. Ended up swimming in the ocean at 4am, drunk as skunks, and freezing there after because of the very fresh night sea breeze (well, yes technically it IS winter here hehe…) Needless to say that woke us up a great deal! …Just in time to call it a night lol.

Next day was spent eating a sumptuous brunch on the beach (Jep's bar/restaurant/bungalow is THE shit!) and then alternating swimming and sun bathing the rest of the day (ah, the good life!); relaxing and trying to hold my tummy in the rest of the time haha…
That night being full moon party night the place was packed with people from all around the world; met a bunch of very nice french dudes and dudettes, and further partying insued. Finished the night at 5, this time skipping the swimming, and putting an emphasis on the dancing rather than the drinking! (yes, I love my dancing)

Our second day was spent relaxing in the sun (well shade too) and eating more delicious food!! hehe.
Took the ferry and readily fell asleep on the van. Arrived back in Bangkok sunday night.

Had a really good time, and look forward to going back there for a more extended stay! All my thanks goes out to master blaster Aeh one for hooking the trip up and being a hell of a friend!! :) Word.

Upon my arrival back home, Lek, Philippe's wife had the visit of her brother and daughter, so needless to say it was there upon instant karaoke galore, delicious Thai food, singing, and atmosphere! The good stuff! It was an alcohol free night for me I will add! :)

Take care and till next time! (yes it might be a while so hold on to your horses!!
Timmy Tarerizm

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