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Hong Kong!
At last I was going to experience this magnificent city which I had heard so much about over the years.
Not quite China, but close enough for me, I was excited to discover another part of Asia, yet quite scheptical to the strong british influence and feeling of the place.

Set out with China Airlines for the 6 day adventure, accompanied by my boy crazy Mr. Horksterism.

Took advantage of the opportunity to first take some shots of the new international airport in Bangkok, something I had failed miserably at upon my arrival in december. Almost missed the plane after wandering around taking flics, made final call. Ate a KFC meal… One of many to be junk food stops during our trip.

Flight was fresh, in-flight movie and entertainment, 2 and a half hour flight, smooth sailing; really wanted to catch the beautiful sky view from the plane but only half assed accomplished that :)-
Landed early evening and made our way to Hobsek's place (an AMAZINGLY nice graffiti writer dude from Montpelliers) with whom we were to stay for the duration.

Hit the streets, catching flics and absorbing the vibe of the city, doing the usual sight seeing stuff (the Peak, overlooking the whole of Hong Kong, accessed by steep ass tram ride up mountain was the highlight…)
Caught some sweet deals shopping for kicks (mmm the sales…) and went out at night for some drinks.

Ate alot of junk food! McDonalds could have been baptized tarehork headquarters…

I must say that the vibe was slightly disapointing: as in the whole place is way too Europeanized, the people are snobby, the whole thing lacks flavour and is quite sterile (now I am just being mean, but for real, its like London meets Switzerland, and thats not really my cup of tea hehe…)

Anyway, overall I had a good time, really appreciated Hobsek and his wife's hospitality, and also greatly enjoyed meeting the local graff scene (sparse but full of potential, design-wise kicking ass!)

Stay tuned for part 2, night shots and aha, graffiti…? ;)-

Timmy Tarerism

New Bangkok airport

On our way to Hongkong…

Gots to plan the dayzzzzzz… :)

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