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Here comes the second half of my Hong Kong report.
Painted three walls during my stay; one semi legal, another legal, and one illegal… Which is which? well, I guess you will have to figure that one out for yourselves :)-

The graffiti scene in Hong Kong is not a big one, and lacks unity, but the individuals I met were very motivated and especially talented designers, and graffic artists.
The city is so clean (sterile comes to mind, again) and fresh (sort of like San Francisco I guess) that one gets a kind of lame feeling catching tags or painting in the streets… So, well, I guess one just doesnt do it … which maybe partly explains the lack of a real tight scene.
But yea, like I said before, I had a good time and definitely don't regret the trip. Hong Kong by night alone is worth the trip! Beautiful photos to be taken around every corner, and magnificent lighting upon some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world; what is there not to like?
Dezio, who is living in mainland China came to meet us in Hong Kong for the weekend; haden't seen him in a while! Nice to paint and hang. Also did some sketching, and, well yes, ate MORE junk food! (geez, think I must have put on like 3 kilos grrrrrr)

Peace out and till next time!
I have a Thai food project in the books: take a flic of every dish I fancy or find of interest. God knows Thai food is truly to die for! Just can't get enough of it (well, when I am not in Hong Kong pigging out on McDonalds that is hehe)

Timmy Tarerism

Fresh skyline. Shame my night shot sucks :)

I love taking photos… Oh yes I do.

A back alley…

Sketching at Hobseks place…

View to a kill…?

Yes indeed. In the harbour…

The planning. Nerd central

Yes. We ate alot of McDonalds!

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Sylwia 13 years, 8 months ago

this city never sleeps

13 years, 8 months ago Edited
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