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by Timmy Tarerizm May. 31, 2007 6446 views

I have had this project in mind, or have actually already begun, and am now continuing it. Bangkok is bustling with endless amounts of clubs and cool hangouts, where one can party, chill, go wild, dancing and drinking till dawn…

I have been out quite a bit in Bangkok, but always end up in the same old places, listening to the same fucking garbage (you know the deal: 50 remixes of fatman scoop, beyonce, sean paul, and friends…) and decided to really try to scout out fresh new places, with a whole different crowd, music, and vibe.

One such place, and the club I set out to experience with me girl Parisa, is Club Culture at Payathai BTS, Siam city exit (check their website at: http://www.club-culture-bkk.com) [club-culture-bkk.com]

Each night has a different theme/music and this particular night was to be a blend of Indie Rock, Garage, Electronica, 80's and 90's. Sounds like a fresh ass blend right? (PS: Tuesday 5th of June, stay tuned for the Passion Electro night report from Club Culture…)

After a little trouble finding the place (I had forgotten the BTS exit name…) landed upon a magnificent traditional wood Thai entrance, mixed with an eerily young/sharp and fresh atmosphere upon entry. The deco is a blend of traditional Thai and cutting edge retro design, good sized dancefloor (especially for Thailand), and simple well thought out layout. Cool flame deco in the bathrooms, and an overall fresh feel to the whole place, without being fancy smansie like for example Bed Supperclub…
The minute we got there, we understood that this was the exact correct setting to get down, with funky, cool, down to earth and friendly people, there to dance and just have a kickass time, drink with friends or chill. We felt at home.
The music was off the hook good, with smart DJ sets, great combos, and a wide variety of new, old, cutting edge and retro tunes. I jumped to the roof when in between too great Indie tunes, Justice popped out with D.A.N.C.E and We are your friends tracks… ooooo, at last some awesome music to get down to!

After dancing till closing, and thoroughly enjoying the vibes, night, people, and overall atmosphere and alcohol, we decided to set off for this underground Thai place which stays open till 7 (yes, been there alot…)
Met up with Cider.Msk, and some others and got down there too (this time to some not-so-original tunes and beers galore.

Anyway, the night was really good, the alcohol, fresh and abundant, the dancing and music kickin'ass and some tags getting caught… By now I think I am Allcity of toilets in BKK hahahahaha…

Peace out!
Timmy Tarerizm

Fresh ass entrance, traditional Thai meets BKK party scene

Serving up the 100 pipers whisky… Parisa on the mixers

Shame how its impossible to render the true atmosphere of the place

Yes they like the smoke machines… A bit too much at times

Hehe, Parisa getting down, alot of dancing

Thought this would make for a good flic… mmm oh well :)

Trying to capture some more of the deco…

On to the infamous Thai disco hangout…

Cider.msk was in the place to be… That is one crooked ass finger!

Me doing what I do best, drinking and looking stoopid :)

A good night indeed!

Just a few of the many short-skirted asses around…

The usual toilet tags…

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Timmy Tarerizm 12 years, 5 months ago

...PS: I am now banned from that last place, having just bombed the shit out of the toilets one too many times hahahahaa...

12 years, 5 months ago Edited
Parrain 12 years, 7 months ago

Ca tag dans les toilettes comme au lycée héhéhéhé ;=)

12 years, 7 months ago Edited
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