A Day in Norway

by Timmy Tarerizm September. 12, 2009 6682 views

A Day in Norway: Graffiti meets old tunnels

Well well well… This day and post combines three of my favourite things: graffiti, tunnels, and nature.
Got up early this morning to send a couple packages for the mailorder, prepared my bags; the ever essential bannana and water, and a bunch of rest-cans. Daytime roadtrip with Mr. H and Mr. K; destination some amazing nature spots along an old abandoned train track, which litterally stretches on for miles and miles.

The first spot was a quick silver freestyle. The second one I used to try my hand at this quick Rime interpretation of one of my sketches, which I have been meaning to paint for a while. Added a few bits and pieces; trouble getting the simple pure flow that Rime manages to apply to his letters.

Really had a blast; been quite a while since my last piece. Was nice to get that old “fun” feeling back, just painting for the hell of it; I miss that!

Until next time,
Timmy Tarerizm

I used to love exploring tunnels, tracks and old 2nd World War bunkers on the Maginot Line when I was a kid… Kind of stuck with me ;)

Some old wack improvised recycled crap… But hey, fun anyway hehe

It's often easy to forget what graffiti is supposed to be about (well at least one of the things)… It's about having fun! And this was FUN! :)

—like a bunch og German campers…

Smallest train station I ever saw…

Yet another amazing stone tunnel structure

Anybody seen the movie “Stand By Me”? A deffinite feeling here…


Jupp we have a winner

Quick Rime sketch

Alot of fun painting this one; and well thats really what its all about right? :)

…I need a new “T”!

Very lucky with the weather today too!

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Soubhagya Sagar Behera 11 years, 8 months ago

#9,11,21... love them, amazing use of highlights!

11 years, 8 months ago Edited
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