Sandefjord x Graffiti x Food

by Timmy Tarerizm September. 20, 2009 12203 views

Sandefjord Food Graffiti Tour

Another weekend of fun, this time with my boy Mr. E from Larvik.
Got up early saturday to pack the car and hit the road; beautiful weather, sun, not a cloud in sight, perfect day for some painting fun.
Got to Larvik and had to get E out of bed, scared the shit out of him as he was having a weird dream about some cops…? Anyway, after a quick bite to eat headed out to Sandefjord, to this old abandoned water tower and rensing facility (?)
We had planned to have a mickey crime theme for the wall; we quickly figured out that we had bitten off way more than we could chew, considering our lazy pre-disposition, and lack of steady ground around the wall… Had a nice day painting though; came back the next day to try my hand out on other Rime sketches, despite the pouring rain.
Timmy Tarerizm

An amazing lasagna curtousy of my wife and I :) The basil leaves make it fresh and just immensely delicious!

Lazy ass E still in bed… Had to scare the bugger out of there

Get the gear together

Hook up some cheap background roller paint

Grab some snacks for the day…

The freaking tiring way up to the spot.

It was a rare underwear-day in the sun

Finding solutions

Fun spot

It's not every day you can order delivery pizza to a spot you're painting…

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Still trying to even manage simple letters from Rime … LOL.
Great practice though! Also had fun emptying all those rest cans I have lying around…

Thanks JJ! :)

…Random Junkie artwork…??


We had a good time

Unhealthy, but just SO good…!! :/ Kebab Alexandria

Time to get back home!

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