Mawddach Friday

by Mikey Ford September. 24, 2017 259 views
Up the Afon Mawddach

Up the Afon Mawddach

21st April 2010

Barmouth, home of the chav and the polystyrene cup of tea, and the start of the beautiful Mawddach trail up the river to Dolgellau.

The route is flat and relatively short at only 9.5 miles but you are enticed in with the magnificent looking Barmouth bridge at the mouth of the estuary and drawn along buy Cadair Idris up to your right.

A stop at the ever popular George III pub left us feeling underwhelmed by the grumpy service and crappy beer, but still, you cant have everything. After a brief visit to the charity shop in Dol (I managed to find a 1950 magazine entitled Arizona Highways) we then went on to an amazing old mine called Blue lake, coz it was blue, and a lake you see,  followed by a quick sniff at the organic farm in Arthog (I didn't know organic farms could be pikey).

Another super sunny day, with volcano dust filled sunset - a great way to spend the day.

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