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A while back the Corel company selected myself and a few others world wide to represent their product PaintShop Pro, and to become PaintShop Professionals. And we were chosen for our knowledge of PaintShop Pro. We honed our talents and skills over many years of using their product, we all have different fields of expertise. What we do have in common is the love of PaintShop Pro. So I proudly accepted the title of Paintshop Professional, and with my knowledge and talent i hope i can help many through their journey learning and enjoying the use of PaintShop Pro as I do.
I'm a artist by trade, was in a bad motorcycle accident and ended up in a wheelchair. My wife Patricia bought me my first camera to get me out of the house, and from then I was hooked. I have been taking photo's now for about 10 years and I'm still learning.


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  • Canon eos 77d, and t6s,
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