Traveling Through the Valley of Death

by Tawanna Cullen April. 26, 2017 775 views

April 2017 

We traveled through Death Valley National Park. Confession first, I had a bit of anxiety about driving through miles and miles of heat, desert and heat. I mean this stretch of land is called "Death" Valley. I imagined the heat being so unbearable that the gas would just evaporate and car would break down. I had visions of being stuck someone where on the highway without water and living on a prayer that some good hearted being (alien or human) would come to our rescue. My imagination went wild with the various scenes of being stranded, thirsty, and staggering among sand dunes that seem to stretch beyond and on and on. My husband found it amusing. His words...

"Get your Psalm 23 on!"

Wheel of a Carriage at Stove Pipe Wells

Weather worn wheels of a carriage who traveled miles with high hopes.

Ok. Yes, faith. Where is my faith? I laughed with an under breath prayer. The day we set off through Death Valley we were well prepared. Let me mention that My wonderful In Laws were travelling with us. Our destination was Vegas to meet the rest of our family who had travelling long distances to have a fun family vacation. 

We set off.  

The valley of death didn't greet us with all those who did not make it through as I could imagine, but we were welcome through to witness the beautiful landscapes, amazing terrain that made a scene that only God's hand could have created. 

It. Was. Amazing.

No words could describe how beautiful the natural landscape of this planet it when left untouched by man. The weather erosion creates these beautiful colors, shapes and textures that only echo God's magnificent hand of creation. The various dips of 200 ft below sea level to rises 6000 ft above sea level did a number on my ears and the car breaks though. The valley of death showed its rocks, mountains, hills, salt flats, sand dunes, plants, and wildlife left me in awe! I was in awe and wonder through the journey through. We would see the occasional obscure house structure that made us wonder, "Where do they get their groceries, water, electricity, or US Mail!?? 

I wondered how anyone could bare traveling this far with horse and carriage! The road was nicely paved for us. I have developed respect for those who braved the unknown world with only a horse, carriage, and children in tow. Truly amazing act of bravery. We made it out safely with wonderful memories of Death Valley.

-I wouldn't drive it at night!-


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