They Grow. We Grow.

by Tawanna Cullen April. 28, 2017 590 views
Helaina and Fia hiking past Pumpkin Rock

It's a Journey

Thinking back...

So many thoughts in this journey of parenting. They grow. They grow so fast. In the moments of sleepless nights and being overwhelmed in mid meltdown (theirs not mine) I couldn't think past the desire for bedtime or for that tough stage to be done. Yes we get the advice of, "Honey enjoy this stage because they grow up fast." In that moment of chaos we can't possibly see the silver lining to enjoy that moment. To be honest, I don't think it's possible to eyes... and breath in the enjoyment of a toddler of meltdown.  Nope. Never happened for me. Maybe moments after we have all balanced out our emotions, but goodness not in that very moment. When I see other parents going through tough moments in public, if I muster up the nerve to intrude, it's with a smile and encouraging word of, "It gets better! It does get better" and continue on my way. Every parent needs encouragement. 

Soon after that stage comes the next, and the stages roll in and out, then one day they are full grown adults. 

Adults. Legal Adults.

Now after 18 years, you don't have a parental right to do the things you were expected to do. It's so strange, yet freeing. Bothersome, yet relaxing. Confusing, yet clear. They still ask you how to do things, they still want you to do these things, but not so much. They are *legal* adults, which does not cause them to magically become adults mentally. I recall going to the doctor with my daughter (who's 19) and not automatically being in the room was odd. I sat outside the door, as it opened and closed.

"Mom what's the Insurance..."

*door closes*door opens*

"Mom what's..."

and so on. She was nervous, and I was nervous for her. It was all for something minor like a virus that had to run it's course. Being separated is a necessity and a part of training them up (Proverbs 22:6) them the best we can for this adulthood life that we are still navigating. At 40 am I even prepared?  

Reflecting, my mom is going through her own parenting journey with us. It's another stage we are all rolling into. 


It continues because we grow.

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